“Your User Agreement Sucks” the Senator Said!

“Your User Agreement Sucks” the Senator Said!

April 11, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

I love Senator Kennedy! He could have been born ‘up north’ here in the UK as they say. “Your User Agreement Sucks” the Senator Said! He ‘says it as it is’ cards on the table; no pussy-footing around! He is the wise old grandfather who wants to guide this data breach situation to a win win win end. A positive end for the good of humanity.

But he did say it, “Your user agreement sucks”!

And it does; as do the compliance rules around placing ads on Facebook.

But after yesterday I am now having some respect for Zuckerberg even though he still holds to what he calls his ‘social mission of connecting people, building community and bringing the world closer together’. Noble, but I would have believed Mother Theresa as she walked the walk, whereas I am inclined to follow the money with Zuckerberg and view his priority to be that Facebook is solvent.

"Your User Agreement Sucks" the Senator said!But hey let him have his personal view seen to be as one of connectivity as well as his mission today to deal with the fake news, foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy. I am glad that he broadened the concerns from just data protection.

But yes, Senator his user agreement does suck. In more ways than one. Zuckerberg’s current user agreement is currently there to entirely protect Facebook not help his customers. Kennedy was the Senator as early as 2016 that said he didn’t want to “regular Facebook to death”. But clearly, Zuckerberg has never understood what regulation and data regulation is about protecting the consumer – i.e. you and me, not Zuckerberg. With 87 Million of us affected Zuckerberg needs to get his act together and maybe become what the great Entrepreneur Jay Abrahams calls a fiduciary.

"Your User Agreement Sucks" the Senator Said!Currently, Zuckerberg’s grilling is supposed to be about the unsolicited use of our data on FB, but I believe he should clean up his act concerning the two strands of his consumer on Facebook. You and me the account holders with a free Personal Profile. But also, being fair to advertisers paying money so that the personal profile holders can have free communication access without which there will be no access at all to their friends and family.

Zuckerberg currently has failed both consumers in my eyes. I don’t think he has deliberately done this I think he is nieve and overprotective of himself. I wonder if he is afraid of something?

I hate the thought that my data was used to manipulate me into voting to stay or exit Europe and I hate it that Americans may have possibly been manipulated into voting Trump into office. However, I also hate the way that as an advertising consumer I am treated horrendously too. With slaps, jail sentences, and close downs of accounts.

I fear that all this will lead to Facebook getting regulated to death and then it will get even more challenging to place legitimate ads on Facebook. Which is why I am glad that a couple of years ago, after several closures of my Facebook account, I learned how to use solo ads effectively.

Do you also have the same fear? Continuously bewildered by Facebook’s emails and explanations, or lack of, as to why your ads were rejected? Then I suggest you access the same training I did to get leads without the problems facebook pose to us.

Get it here and don’t worry how Facebook is going to impact your business for the next year at least!

See you soon on the other side!

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