Young Voices o2 Arena London

Young Voices At the O2 Arena London

Have you ever been to the O2 Arena in London?

Its a place where dreams are made and yesterday, within the Young Voices at the O2 Arena  London was my grandson!

Originally the Millennium Dome made to celebrate the new Millennium we are in now, but today has morphed into holding events mainly of live music and it houses has lots of places families can go and enjoy an evening at the cinema or eat out and generally enjoy an evening together.

And so did I yesterday, as my eldest Grandson Zaki was singing in the UK Young Voices Choir. 7618 children voices to be precise – it was very loud!

A great event for children to aspire into the performing arts because its where celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce, Take That and many more have performed. One of the performers was even a former member of the choir and told her dream of wanting to perform live like she did last night.

So, my daughter and I came to see the 7618 voices – or did we? Well as the presenter said on the evening we really all came for that one little cherub 🙂 But they were great and it showed them what their hard work and practising at school could produce on one evening when 7618 little voices come together – community and teamwork.

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