You Would Think a Disability Would Hinder Your Life, But….

You Would Think a Disability Would Hinder Your Life, But….

May 3, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Yes but, it doesn’t have to. In the last year, 18 months or so its been more and more difficult for me to hear. Yes, my hearing is giving me problems and you would think a disability would hinder your life, but that is not necessarily so.

It started with my daughter getting frustrated with having to repeat herself when talking to me and me saying ‘pardon’ more and more. I’ve found it more and more difficult especially when with my grandchildren. And it would seem that my diagnosis is entirely in keeping because it is the high-pitched tones that I am having problems with. It’s quite common with getting older.

However, I also have family members who also have hearing loss. I have an aunt who is in her late 80’s now but has had this problem for decades, and it has isolated her. She can’t engage in social events and sadly gets marginalised even though everyone does their best to her. It just isn’t the same.

I fear that happening to me, and I also worry it is happening to my grand-daughter who is also going to the hearing clinic this month to have her hearing tested. And I have noticed you have to keep getting her attention.

Even my grandmother, I suspect, was afflicted. I remember her shouting, and I think this is one of the consequences of one not hearing one’s voice.

Did you ever want to sing? Yes, sing, and I am not going off-piste here, but I have wondered if my hearing challenge has come on so gradually, like from childhood. I’ve contemplated if my inability to hear the notes was to do with my not hearing well. It was a sad day for me when my choir master told me I wasn’t hitting the notes and had to leave the choir. I always wanted to sing.

In fact, it is excellent because I love to write to you and send you what I think will help you achieve your dreams in life. You see I am at a stage now where my online business is almost 100% complete. And when finished it will entail me spending a couple of hours a day to write a couple of emails, and that’s it, I am done.

And my hearing disability won’t stop me being able to write, now will it 🙂

Here’s the initial training needed if you want or need to get into the same position as I am. Two hours of ‘work’ and slack off in the afternoon, like I did where I went into Christ Church meadow and did a FB Live with my grandchildren. A Video which is my entry in the contest I am in at the moment.

What do you think? Does our video deserve your vote?

Here’s to you having great days!

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“You Would Think a Disability Would Hinder Your Life, But….

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