You Have to Be My Age to Remember Who Said... "Trust, but Verify"

You Have to Be My Age to Remember Who Said… “Trust, but Verify”

Can you remember who said it? Or know who said it? As I do believe you have to be my age to remember who said… “Trust, but Verify”.

And trust I know is very important to those joining us here at the Super Affiliate Network. People fear, is it a scam, will I loose maoney, will I be able to do what they do…

..when I was a young woman our part of the world, the UK, started to get these new computers, this was early 80’s. Mainly it was to replace the old typewriters and I remember I was using a Tandy Corporation program called Scripsit at one stage … no connection to the internet! And then I remember when they were connected to the internet people were afraid to use them!!!

But the word on the street was it was going to revolutionise the way we work. Everyone was going to work from home and there would be no huge files full of paper! Well here in the UK we are still a bit behind. I still have my filing cabinet!

But I can see that we are almost with the US now (and by the way it was Ronald Reygan who took on the old Russian proverb “Trust, but Verify”.

I can see we are moving closer and closer to the US because more and more people are disillusioned which has resulted in Brexit and Trump.  They are turning to the internet to try and make some extra money.

Money which is constantly being devalued. Amazon and Ebay are a prime example of this as many mums at home have not only made a little extra money but made huge businesses from their back bedrooms.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 14.30.17And there is our own COO, Jason here at the Super Affiliate Network! Who at the age of 23yrs (he is now in his early 30’s) sold several internet businesses to net a total of 7m! Yes, you heard right!

Basically a geek working in his bedroom!

And I can see that with Brexit here in the UK, we Brits are going to have to get web savvy as our economy is changing and we in it. We will have to go with the US trend of making money online or go to the manual work now in China … to produce coal like my own mining father.

And those that don’t will I am afraid get left behind 🙁

You see all these revolutions that take place in our society have changed the way we work and who gets more of the wealth. And unless you go with it then prepare to not par-take of that wealth. And we have had to TRUST even if we live in a world of verification.

Here is a video you can watch that will show you what has changed society…you will recognise the age we are in with the age of the internet. You might even recognise the next one that is emerging as we speak. But it will enlighten you, I believe to this online world and hopefully you will trust me to help you build your own online business…

The age of information, the internet, is still here, businesses are still being built and will continue to build more and more ‘work from home’.

You can get the exact same internet business system here, that produced mine and where I send 2 emails a day to my prospects with my ‘wares’.

Take a look at this new emerging world here!

I’m off to do something completely different now..don’t quite know what, but I am good at filling my day!

You have a great day too!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
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You Have to Be My Age to Remember Who Said… “Trust, but Verify”

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