You Can Have Everything in Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want

“You Can Have Everything in Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want.”

Strange the replies that you get to your emails. Yesterday, I sent out my am email and this morning I found a reply with the f word and off. You know the one I mean!

I’m left wondering why – have they nothing to say? Have I inadvertently upset someone – again?

My ‘subject’ line was “Are You a Princess” and it was a man that replied.

Anyway, I will let you know the answer if I get a reply.

But today, I’ve got something to tell you. It’s about a lady who has been staying with me at my B&B. Let’s call her Marian for simplicity. Two nights she stayed and looked around Oxford before going back to her two boys and husband.

But she was telling me about the situation in Hungary with their corrupt government. Even though they are in the EU and you would think the EU wouldn’t allow the corruption that is going on, for at least 6yrs. The government and those around them get money from the EU and from Russia and enough of a proportion goes straight into their pockets rather than the projects for the people and country it was intended for.

And all this while the people who are working in this system get no benefits and their lifestyles get worse.

It makes me wonder why people don’t do something themselves about their situation?

I’ve never looked for anyone to provide work for me – I’ve gone out and created it for myself. I’ve looked at how I can help people and I get recompense for it. It’s as simple as that. I even do what I like to do, which is the great part.

What is your situation?

I get the impression people are sitting around waiting for something to happen when it’s all in our hands.

If you want to make things happen in your life you can do it by joining me here!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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