Would You Tell A Man To Go Drown Himself, To Find God?

Would You Tell A Man To Go Drown Himself, To Find God?

March 8, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Tony Robbins says you have to be ‘hungry’ and stay that way, to succeed. And you have probably heard him say that on numerous occasions, I have.

I have also heard Debra Searle talk about her terrifying rowing expedition across the Atlantic. Where having been abandoned by her husband decide to continue alone. On several occasions she though she wasn’t going to make it and had to find something deep within her, to continue.

You can hear her story on a TEDx Talk below…

But what both these extraordinary people have achieved and why, is beautifully illustrated in the story of the Monk and a ‘wanna be’ student. I don’t know where this story comes from but you can find it on the net and it is about a young man who wants to find God……

In his quest, he finds a Monk by a river a very eminent man of God. The young man wants the same relationship with God and asks the Monk how he can achieve this.

The Monk tells him the secret to finding God, is out there in the water. So the young man starts to move out into the river and gets to his waist. He turns round to the Monk and says he has not found God. So the Monk tells him to go further until he gets to just below his chin. He then turns to the Monk and says this is crazy and that God is not there.

But then the Monk pushes the young man under the water keeping him the young man scrambling, grasping, waving his arms and legs around fighting to get to the surface. The Monk keeps him there to the point just before becoming unconscious and then lets him go, and walks back to the shore.

The young man gradually recovered and angrily confronts the Monk, saying ‘that was crazy, you deceived me’!

The Monk turns to him and asks him what was the one thing he wanted more than anything just before being allowed to come to the surface again.

Student: ‘What did I want? I wanted to breath of course!’

You guessed what the Monk said?

Monk: ‘When you want God as much as you wanted at that moment to breathe, then you will find him’.

Equally, when you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful’.

In the meanwhile have a great day!

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