Would you pay your clients?

Would You Pay Your Clients?

Does such a situation exist; Would You Pay Your Clients?

What the heck does she mean, I can hear you say! Pay my clients – crazy! Or is it?

You know I have another business, yes – my B&B? Well,


You see I had one wow of a conversation at breakfast this morning, with a History & Literary Scholar from the US. I asked him about Moby Dick as we have been reading “Do the Work” in our Entrepreneurial Book Club. Being a Brit, I wasn’t sure who Moby Dick was, or the story, or what it meant to people.

Well, I found out from my guest! And its valuable marketing information.

He told me the standard curriculum literary books in the US educational system had been books like Moby Dick; The Great Gatsby; The Old Man & the Sea. Books that instilled the “Struggle of the Individual” against all the the odds. A struggle that eventually leads to great heights of achievement and I can see this as a trait in our American brothers and sisters. We have less of it and so do our Canadians, I think.

Would You Pay Your Clients?However, my guest highlighted a problem that has occurred in the US over the last 30yrs, that we need to take into account. You see over those last 30yrs, the language of 25% of children in the American school system, has not been English but Spanish. As a consequence, the US educational standards had to be dropped.

So, my friends what this means for me as a Brit and to understand the general mind of our brothers and sisters over the Pond is, I need to read the books that have had an impact on most of Americans. I need to target those Americans who have also read and understood Moby Dick – those who over 30yrs old.

Having said all that, there are a significant number still under 30yrs of age who have in them this ‘struggle of the individual’. However, if you want more of a bulls eye, then my guests information if very useful 🙂 So, targeting 30+ on FB is a great marketing strategy.

I’m off to order “Moby Dick”!

Did you know, before this morning I didn’t know if Moby Dick was a Whale or a Sea Captain 😉 But I can be excused though – being a European 😉


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