Will Mark Zuckerberg Do It Again?

Will Mark Zuckerberg Do It Again?

April 9, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

He’s set to go before the US Congress tomorrow, and this time he will be answering questions himself. But what do you think? Will Mark Zuckerberg do it again?

Will he get away with it still?

Will he be giving only half the story?

If you’ve been reading my blogs and/or emails, you will know there is no love lost between Facebook and me. Or the man behind it! It all started because I tried like umpteen other businesses to get my ads noticed. So many people rave about Facebook, and yet it is continually rapping firms on the knuckles; giving them warnings; not displaying their posts; putting us in facebook jail and ultimately shutting our accounts down.

human-2099066_1280And with the debacle with Cambridge Analytica, it is only going to get worse. But don’t get me wrong I don’t like what FB and CA have done! Not by a long shot!

You see while I and umpteen others were getting stressed and overwhelmed with advertising through FB I have heard Mark continuously saying his facebook was conceived to connect people with the internet..friends and family. Maybe? But you don’t grow up in a wealthy middle-class family in New York who always had money and then go to Harvard and not want to make money. Lots of money.

I just wonder at which point Mark Z realised his facebook invention was going to make him one of the wealthiest people in the world. I suspect it was before he left Harvard in his sophomore year.

Indeed today Facebook may be there to connect friends and family, but its primary purpose is to collect data. Data that can be used to make money. And not just a little but bazillions. No wonder Mark recently said that he thought he was still the best man to be running Facebook!

But it’s his duplicity that I don’t like. He is happy that all the data can be easily collected; but he won’t invest to make it easy for advertisers to use. I would love to ask him why make it so difficult? Why not tell us when an ad is not compliant EXACTLY and then even give suggestions as to how it can be! But it just ends in silence.

So, as far as giving money for ads that go no-where I decided a couple of years ago it would be better to find something else, frankly less overwhelming and stressful.

If you want to know what I found, which in my opinion is the best internet advertising medium, then click away here!

See you on the other side!

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