When Process Met Sale and Said I Love You!

“When Process Met Sale” and Said I Love You!

When Process Met Sale” and Said I love you!

Before I dive in to what I wanted to bring to your attention I must remind you that time is running out for the Arizona Event the Super Affiliate Network is putting on in mid April. DOUBLES Friday 23:59 EST.

You can get your tickets for the ridiculous price now of $97 and on the event there will be a gigantic sale for the business too, but shhhh don’t let know I let it slip!

Now you really need to know you have to love what you do especially in this business! In many others, for example in the Health & Wellness industry it can be easy but not always. So, many will seemingly loose weight and get fit by going to the gym to look ‘healthy’ and so of course it is easy to love the ‘product’, the shakes, the supplements that is seemingly producing the results.

When Process Met Sale and Said I love you!Where as in my industry where we sell information and coaching products, products that can help people in their businesses it is slightly different. You can’t visibly see that this helped my B&B to be a success or my Cleaning Business.

And many people don’t believe the direct results of the X amount of money that can be made and way beyond my small B&B which is limited by the amount of bedrooms essentially. With this business you can scale and it has no bounds but the numbers of the western world population.

But coming back, you also have to love it and what I mean by that is you have to love the process, the Marketing. But you also want to love an aspect of the system you put in place. For example you might tweek just one small thing in your funnel say the image that is producing say $200pm and just that small thing produces $400pm and then you change the call the action button from ‘Click Here’ to ‘Go Next Here’ and you have doubled again.

I remember BEFORE the internet with our first B&B we were stuck with a property off the beaten track so had NO chance of passing trade. We’d missed the inclusion in the yearly Tourist Board publications and were getting no bums on beds! Then I thought we are in London and we have a local paper that working trades people just might read while they are on their construction jobs and need cost effective accommodation. But it would cost me £7 for 1 classified inclusion. A LOT of money in those days! But I thought I’d try it.

Well you can imagine, I was FLOODED with enquiries, so much so that I was sending excess enquiries to other B&B owners (for an intro small fee of course) who I knew throught eh B&B association.

Well I was ecstatic! You see I loved the process! I loved the fact that I could tap into this one little avenue and produce such staggering results! And it wasn’t about the money, it was about the process.

As you know. recently, I won a video competition online and really the $500 was peanuts! But I won by a staggering 39% which of course made me fall in love with the process which produced the result.

When Process Met Sale and Said I love you!If you want to build a business where you end up writing two emails a day to a list of people who want  your products and services then I would recommend you first join the Super Affiliate Network and then go to the Arizona event where you will meet my friend and Mentor Misha Wilson and his partner Jason Gazaway. Both multi 7 figure earners and where they will give you their personal help.

You can join the Super Affiliate Network here (and I will see you on the other side)

And then go here for your ridiculously undervalued ticket to the Arizona event!

But do both NOW to get the BEST value NOW and more to come in Arizona!


Diane Duvnjak

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