Dan's Dream of Living Near the Sea Everyday - Fulfilled!

What Does A Six Figure Internet Marketer Do On A Daily Basis?


Have you ever wondered what a
Six Figure Internet Marketer
Does On a Daily Basis?

I used to wonder about this a lot as what people do to make money online is a mystery to many people. Of course there are different ways to do this and there are different model. People have their preferences but most people are not even that understanding that there can be differences.

Over the past three days on the beautiful island of Maui Hawaii there has been an event taking place to help relatively new Internet Marketers get to another level in their business. They all have a dream to have more time to do what they want in life and less time slaving away either at 9 to 5 or even supporting an offline business which can take away even more of your precious time!

Here is a video on one of the training sessions by Dan one of our 6 Figure Coaches who showed the attendees what his Daily Method of Operation is as a successful Internet Marketing Affiliate. It gives you an insight of what you need to be able to do, to have the freedom of time and a lifestyle of your dreams.

So This Is What A Six Figure Internet Marketer

Does On a Daily Basis….


Awesome, don’t you think? To get to know what a Six Figure Earner does is an insight you don’t offen get the chance to see. So I hope it was useful to you and if you want to see what Dan does the rest of the time enjoy the photo’s below…

Enjoying Time With Family


Want more time with your family?







Enjoying Time With a Fellow Internet MarketerEnjoy time on Maui with fellow Internet Marketers.







Dan's Dream of Living Near the Sea Everyday - Fulfilled!What is Your Dream Life?






Not everyone wants the same results! Many want the Sun & Sea, I like the UK temperate climate and living in the fantastic city of Oxford UK. We all have our own dreams. What is yours?

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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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