What Bitcoin Means to Me!

What Bitcoin Means to Me!

And What Bitcoin Could Mean to You!

I’m looking at my continuing Bitcoin investment just like the Buy to Lets I have. I don’t intend to sell (if at all possible, even though they can be there for a ‘crisis’) and I don’t intend to sell the Stocks & Shares (few that I have).

And you might wonder why I am promoting Bitcoin here on this website when it is a totally different ‘business’ than the Super Affiliate Network – a business that sells and coaches in how to create a business online.

Well because essentially, I don’t see investing in Bitcoin as a business – at least not at its core level. You can promote investing in Bitcoin if you want but that is another matter to consider not one that is being evaluated here.

And also because Bitcoin is ‘HOT’ right now and because it can be the source to fund my other business projects that I am passionate about.

Investing in Bitcoin is in the bottom right hand corner of Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’. The book of which you can get here and which I would highly recommend ALL budding Entrepreneurs to read.

I am investing in Bitcoin and looking for the point when I will be able to have that ‘slush’ fund from Bitcoin – when there is enough that I am happy with to draw down for my lifestyle — and I am not greedy. For me that is like the rents I receive (minus the maintenance and tax that gets taken away) and the dividends that I get (minus tax that has to be paid).

It is the way the higher echelons of our society have lived for centuries and why they are so wealthy. They have built their ‘portfolios’ up to that ‘slush’ fund. It has given them substantial incomes without ‘working’ for it.

In the meanwhile, they have been able to do ‘other’ things……fund other projects – a new business; converting the natives in the Congo; start wars and revolutions.

For me I just want financial security during my lifetime and to help my family have an easier and better life. If I can help other people in my circles of wider family & friends – well that will be the icing on the cake.

Go here to start your own path, to your own ‘Slush Fund’.


Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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