Weigh-in Day - Day 7

Weigh-in Day – Day 7

Hello Campers!

Unless you are in the UK you won’t know what that really means! You see we used to have/and still do actually Butlin’s Holiday Camps and the entertainers used to greet everyone with ‘Hello Campers’.

I use it now to to greet people who are in the same ‘group’ or ‘team’ and I did this video for people who are on the same weight loss program as myself.

See me saying “Hello Campers’ and take a look to see if after 7 days I actually did lose weight 🙂



Losing weight for me has been an up-hill struggle. So I have succumbed to a weight loss ‘program’ and I am going to try it for 30 days maybe even for 60 days if it works. Although I am not very good at keeping to 60 days of anything – I get bored frankly and the thought of having ‘shakes’ for 60 days appauls me.

I do like ‘real’ foods. I hate this processed way we have been all trapped into to! But like everyone else I have found it hard to live ‘the good life’. I even went so far as to getting an allotment once. Built a chicken coop as well on it! boy was it hard work! 3 businesses and looking after chickens too! As you can probably imagine I didn’t manage it! Instead I now always buy organic eggs.

I know it is important – health! I would say one of the most important aspects of our live along with a safe place to live. What’s the point of all the money in the world when you are not healthy or you are vulnerable and out on the streets! Of course I recognise, especially today that money can help you greatly with both of these.

That is why I try to help people make a successful business online.

So, long as it is right for them 🙂

Hope you liked my video!

Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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