WE WON!! Yes WE Won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!

WE WON!! Yes WE Won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!

May 10, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Yes, WE won! All 227 of us as it was not possible without each and every vote!

We Won! Yes WE Won!

And of course, I and my grand-kiddies are delighted! In fact, my ears hurt so much from the screams down the phone as they each realised we had won. The oldest little imp even started to calculate what he thought his share of the cash winnings should be! Well, I have to nurture them to be Entrepreneurs and it seems to be working!

WE WON!! Yes WE won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!There have been so many congratulations it has been charming to see that all the hard work I put into getting this result was all worth it. As of this morning, there are 63 comments on FB with 617 views of our winning video, three shares and 75 likes, heart interactions.


It was great to get on the Super Affiliates Cry For Freedom call too where Amber Horner the presenter spontaneously asked Moses Whitman (the runner-up) and myself to give away a few of our secrets!

You can find that call here; don’t forget to sign into your FB account to catch it.


WE WON!! Yes WE won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!And what a lovely accolade from one of our renowned coaches at the Super Affiliate Network Leonidas Danny Figueroa.

But hey how did I do it?

What secret marketing strategies did I employ?

Let’s look At My Secrets

1. Practised

Well as I said in the Cry For Freedom call this is something like the 6th or 7th contest held at The Super Affiliate Network. And I have watched and learned much from the company. My winning video talked about ‘excellence’, and I know the Marketing training that Misha Wilson and Jason Gazaway provide it just second to none. Why even this contest was put on to teach us how to use competitions in our business.

Living in Oxford UK, I am aware of excellence as you would imagine. I have met Astro-Physicists, Cyber-Internet Detectives and Analysts, world-renowned Journalists even a Lord if that impresses you! So, I recognise excellence when I see it.

But my point is that having been with the Super Affiliate Network for nearly two years now and invested in ALL their programs I have learned heaps! So been able to implement more than others.

And I have learned from the other contests where I came no-where, second and last year won. So, there is a lot of experience in my journey to retain the ‘Reigning Champion’ Status.

2. Be Shameless

As Moses said in the Cry For Freedom call, you have to be ‘shameless’. Most of us find it difficult to ‘ask for the sale’; ‘ask for a review/testimonial’; ask for a favour/vote’. Remember to put a ‘call to action’ in all our advertising promotions! But as a person who runs a business I have learned how important that is, and for me, that has been a long journey. But now I am ok with it and to win you have to ASK people to vote for you. It is even unlikely that your nearest and dearest will vote for you off their own bat!

3. Make it Easy to Vote

People have busy lives, and I noticed immediately in these video contests that it is probably unlikely that voters who are asked to participate would care to listen to 20 videos some of which are way higher than the max 5 min duration they should be. I actually, think it would be better and to make things fairer if the ‘pitches’ were a max of just 1 minute. And even with 20 participants, this would still take 20mins to view all.

So I figured early on, as the people who would vote would be loyal to the person asking for the vote rather than anyone else, then the video had to be different in the line up of videos. So, easy to find, but also catchy for anyone who didn’t have a clue who to vote for and even for those who were ‘loyal’ to see you quickly.

With 20 videos in the line-up, mine was number 19!

If you look at the entries, you will notice now I have pointed it out, that mine was the only one with a landscape view and NOT with not just a face of ME, in the line up of video images.WE WON!! Yes WE won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!WE WON!! Yes WE won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!WE WON!! Yes WE won Again in the Video Contest At the Super Affiliate Network!

4. Still making it Easy

Three possible links to take people to. There was the page where people could see the list of entrants, that’s the above images. There was the actual page where the voting and submit button was, and there was my website.

And always in the back of my mind was the thought, what sort of person needs to go to which page. Then a request to vote with as short a copy as possible but also as CLEAR as possible. People don’t want to be trying to work out what they need to do. It is your job to make it easy!

5. Massive Action

You need massive action to get sales, reviews/testimonials or votes. And with an automated business, we have learned how to leverage. Useful in ANY industry. That is why autoresponders were invented and why every company should have one. You can find the one I use here! But I do recommend other autoresponders depending on your circumstances, so get in touch if you need advice.

You see leverage and automation make for more action and massive action to get you success.

So, having found automation in my business some 4yrs ago, I have been collecting my guests, customers and clients for a while now. With a total email list of some 6000 subscribers that packs a punch. And you can imagine many of those I have better relationships with than others, but still, 6000 subscribers create much more leverage than 1000.

Moses, mentioned ‘his previous contacts’ so he’d been a coach of young people in some sport. So he contacted ALL of them (and they were young so on social media always useful). We all have a ‘past’, people who we can ask for a vote. Successful, network marketers are brilliant in tapping into this network of people.

ManyChat and Hero are great apps for leveraging and using FB Messenger.

But I have also noticed another aspect of ME. I have always utilised my TIME to the best advantage. So as I was doing my tasks during my daily method of operation, I would take every opportunity to ask people to vote.


(i) Any interaction on FB …say connecting with new people, liking or being liked I would have a prepared copy and paste to ask for a vote. I would complete saying a message with a Columbo ‘oh and by the way’ phrase. Paste one of my appropriate scrips, and hey another vote asked for.

(ii) Even on the Sunday before the voting ended having picked up grandson number one and found ourselves waiting for our pizza at Dominos, he couldn’t stop talking about the contest and ‘had we won yet’. Of course, the counter staff heard our conversation which was our cue to ‘ask for a vote’ we picked up two votes while waiting for our pizza to be cooked!

It’s about leveraging more action than anyone else.

(iii) You can leverage again by just asking ‘if I send you a link would you vote’ because that demands a response from them that is invariably ‘yes’. Note, people, do NOT like saying ‘NO’ if they can help it. So, then you can do another ‘Columbo’ and say ‘here you go ……….oh and by the way, it would help me if you would send that same link to your ‘partner/wife/grandma with a smartphone’.

Humour there if you missed it. And humour goes a long way!

But it all boils down to action, implementation to massivity which comes about best through automation.

By now you will have realised that competitions are used by companies to get more sales. You can also learn how to build your own business and have fun with competitions here at the Super Affiliate Network.

Here’s to you having great days!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
The Super Affiliate Network
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“WE WON!! Yes WE Won Again in the Video Contest
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