Was Jesus a Rebel Without a Cause?

Was Jesus a Rebel Without a Cause?

March 30, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Whether he was or whether he wasn’t it culminated in one of the greatest success stories of all time. And so,  Was Jesus a Rebel without a cause? One thing we can all agree on though is that today’s celebration of Good Friday culminated in total self-sacrifice for a cause. Don’t you think? Well if you know of the Easter story you will.

Here Will Smith says the same thing…

Few people self-sacrifice to that extent and actually we don’t have to go that far as Jesus! But to succeed in a business no matter what sort I do believe you need to self-sacrifice until it is built. Nothing comes easy in this world even if you have been given riches you still have to maintain them and build upon them. Nothing lasts forever.

But imagine what Jesus would have thought had he lived to see his message spread and had he lived to see how many people adopted the freedom he wanted them to have.

Now I know there are many Christians who believe he did see and certainly, we can all see, putting aside the ‘god’ aspect that Jesus wanted good for the whole of mankind. I love the way he wanted to unshackle people from the constraints of life that people were in. We human beings are really good at shackling ourselves and every now and again we have to rise and be free! No pun intended 🙂

So, you do have to put all your effort I’m afraid to building a business whether that be a brick and mortar concern, or franchise or online. This is what that small percentage at the top do! To the point that it can be left alone and you can do whatever else you want to do.

Go spend time with your family; be with them growing up. Be part of their lives. Have the ability to travel around the world and see what the creator made if that is what you believe. Go shopping without the fear that you’ve exceeded your budget or that those bills won’t get paid. Drive around in your 4×4 or spend time in the garden. Whatever it is you dream about.

Good Friday is about the self-sacrifice that is needed before the new life begins…are you up for it?

We can agree there are only a few at the top, which means there is lots of room up there.

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