Want to Play Hooky?

Want to Play Hooky?

I took the day off yesterday and if I was working for someone it would be ‘Playing

The 4 of us (friends) got in my car and drove down to the Swindon Steam Railway
Museum. It was a cold day so just the sort of place ‘retired ladies and gent’s could
spend a day out.

Mind you, lots of groups of school children were there too!

Blowing whistles, having a go at being a train driver and changing the signals –
in a simulator. Great fun if you are into that sort of thing which I am – I particularly
liked the carriages and it reminded me of the day I went to my ancestral home way
back in the Former Yugoslavia.

We went by train, my mum, me and my older sister by 15yrs.

I remember sitting inside looking out and seeing my Dad on the platform and
wishing he was coming with us and then he disappeared as another train came in.
We sat there for what seems like an age for a 4yr old and then, hey we were off
on this ‘train’ and it was exciting as this was my first time experiencing
trains. I’d never even seen one before. The whistle blew and smokey steam filled
the space between us and the train along us, it was noisy but exciting as we
were off!

Ha Ha! All of a sudden I saw my Dad again and we were in the same place! It was
the train along us that had moved, not us! Ever had that sensation before? It is
one of my earliest recollections and it was probably my first big adventure –
all across Europe on a Steam Train at the age of 4yrs of age.

Want to Play Hooky?And I have always loved adventures. I suppose I see my life as one big adventure
enabled in adult life by the businesses I have run.

Yesterday was no different as I have always organised my businesses so that I
can leave them to run automatically or I get someone in to work in the business.
My role of working ‘on’ the business is very much scheduled and automated these

It’s also an ideal time even though I’m not at the state retirement age, as I
mix with people who have good pensions, have time to spare and so I have other
people to ‘play hooky’ with 🙂

That is the beauty of having built a business/businesses. and it is not that difficult to
achieve, IF you have the desire. Even if you are a Baby-Boomer and think you haven’t enough time to do so before your retirement date. Think of Colonel Saunders – worked all his life then when he retired he needed money for his retirement – hence the birth of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Do you have the required DESIRE? I can point you in the right direction! Want to try?

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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