Want To Bunk Off Instead of Commuting?

Want To Bunk Off Instead of Commuting?

This morning I decided to have a lie in rather than what I usually do, which is to get into my office and to my B&B early; so that I can bunk off by the afternoon and do as I please. On the way I buy fresh croissants for my guests who will be served their breakfast from 7:30am. So it wasn’t such a long lie it but even half and hr is lovely. It reminds me of my student days and I am one that loves their sleep!

Well, it meant this morning I was in the Oxford rush hour, would you believe!

Oh boy, zombie like drivers that won’t let you turn right, waiting at traffic lights for ages due to the huge queues. No-where to park in front of Tesco Express therefore having to go round and round to catch a space! Waiting for ever to get back onto the main road! Oh my god I thought some people have to go through this every day! What a nightmare!

Want To Bunk Off Instead of Commuting?So, next time either I have a long extended lie in of a couple of hours and/or work from home on my laptop instead for a while, or just go back to my routine of getting up early in the peace and quiet, driving with nothing on the roads – which I gleefully love!

If you want a business with a proven system to succeed, where you can live your life without the commute by just sending 2 automated emails a day and have the luxury of bunking off in the afternoon then invest here!

Have a Great Day!

Diane Duvnjak

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