Unique Benefits Here At The Super Affiliate Network!

Unique Benefits Here At The Super Affiliate Network!

My coaching is one of the Unique Benefits Here At The Super Affiliate Network…one on one and I help you with the practical aspects of the business. So, once you have got through the bootcamp I help you with the practical aspects of what to do next. Placing your ads or accessing the done for you co-op where SAN
places your ads and SAN does even the follow-up.

Unique Benefits Here At The Super Affiliate Network!

But then what kicks in I will even help you once you invest as a Pro Member (and you have to really, to  make a success at this business) with your own website.
I will collaborate with a web designer who is extrememly cost effective and who can design your website for a very low cost and I will  manage how it should be developed and how you should use it as a tool in your online business.

For example I am helping one of my new pro members in this exact process at this very time. I have even done her first few blogs for her to get her going. But I don’t just do it for her, as she would never learn that way.


No, I encouraged her to do a few videos and FB lives (this is a strength of hers) and then I showed her how to transcribe these and reconstitute the videos she has produced for a blog and emails to her growing list. She already after her first month with SAN accumulated over a 1000 leads, never mind the 20 sales she made.

In the process I showed her how to use Canva and Pixabay for her images and how to used her blogs in terms of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) she would need to do on her website. This of course she would need once becoming Pro. All this
is not necessary during the bootcamp stage of the development we all need to go through.

You don’t get this kind of help once you join SAN from anyone else. It takes time and patience and many people don’t have that available as they are also on an online journey. But as I have already a bricks and mortar business that runs itself it means I can devote more of my time to making sure my team get catapulted in their online journey.


Being a Maui Member which is the highest level you can attain, apart from ‘all-in’ which is what you get at Maui but you can go and duplicate the training with Misha and Jason (the CEO and COO).

Unique Benefits Here At The Super Affiliate Network!

Being a Maui Member I know what ‘hands on training’ means. I know its immense value; I understand the huge benefit you have over being a Bootcamp member or
even a Pro member. Not just that you can benefit from $3,000 and $5,500 commissions but the one to 
one teaching and learning is at the ‘height’ of value.

It is what is given at the best universities from the Masters in their sphere. You go deep into Alice in Wonderlands rabbit hole, it is not learning from a distance, from a online ‘course’.


There is no substitute for learning directly from someone who knows what they are doing and has produced their own results , as they sit over you over your shoulder and show you exactly what to do next or where you have gone wrong so you can correct your work.


This situation that is around us in the online world Tara Gentile has described as “ The Democratisation the Education Online”


Where we can find any sort and kind of information online and where ‘online courses’ abound on the Internet. You would agree that you can find just  about anything and everything on Google.

So, we have befallen into the situation where ‘value’ has been diluted and what is left has to be the personal one on one or small group work seminars we have always found at our best Universities.


First an online course put together with many different elements and that is the difference to everything else out there who sell A, B and C. Our Bootcamp is the A to Z of learning a business online.


However, once you have done the learning it is necessary to invest to the Pro level and you need someone to guide you in the practical aspects of what to DO next. It is where many people get stuck and that is where I do a lot of hands on  work with you.


One of my team is coming over in the next couple of weeks and we will spend half the day with me getting his business to the point of running. But  Ivan is in the UK… others I help through skype or zoom calls.


Once, you have spent a few weeks getting your business tools into place eg you website, your fb page your autoresponder etc and have earned your first few sales then, it will be necessary to start Mastering your skills and learning at Maui
the Marketing you will need to escalate your business.

So by now you can see at each stage you are given the best value there is and where you will only get it here! That is if you have the heart, the hunger. Are steadfast and have the eagerness to succeed in this business online.


Along the way you will experience the tremendous community that exists. All on the same journey all striving to be their own boss and live the lifestyle of their choosing.


So, if this appeals to you then click here and see if you are a fit. I will give you an hour of my time this coming March to see if this business is right for you.


Because, I am looking for 10 new six-figure success stories for 2018.


In the meanwhile have a great day my friend!
Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner

The Super Affiliate Network

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