Trump Loves His Walls!

I love bridges – don’t you? Rather than walls? Bridges connect people, walls obviously divide us!
And I noticed in the news President Trump is tweeting about the Wall with Mexico again.  But don’t you think it strange? It was after a border patrol agent Rogelio Martinez died.

You see its interesting about his name Rogelio.

To me that name immediately takes me to certain assumptions rightly or wrongly- as I come from a background where we recognise Nationality with names. I’m not so sure if it’s the same in the US? Probably not.

But to me you see Donald, is just using the situation for his Wall Cry. I mean – and I am using my imagination here – wouldn’t Rogelio Martinez or his family ancestors have come over from another nation way back when?  Even maybe crossing a wall on the way – my father did during the 2nd WW.

Here is the tweet….

Trump Loves His Walls!

But building bridges for me is a much better tactic in life than building walls. 

And even in our marketing we use a tactic called a Bridge Page so our subscribers get to know like and trust us enough to buy what we recommend to them.
By now you might be remembering a link you clicked which led you to a video of me? I am sure you can remember – I hope so as I don’t like doing videos so it takes great effort to build this bridge page. It’s so I can introduce myself to you and so you know my recommendations aren’t going to be a scam or not worth the money. 
It’s so you get to know me from the outset – that  there is a real person behind the ad on the internet.
I have been in Affiliate Marketing now for nearly 4yrs and have gone round the houses as they say. I know what is good, not so good – absolutely terrible and what is brilliant for our businesses online.
And you may need to know that I wouldn’t damage my own online reputation and recommend anything that would harm you. I am proud to be a fiduciary and only recommend what I believe and know will help you achieve success in life.
So, would you want to know how to build a ‘Bridge Page’ between a sales page and a capture page to start building a relationship with your list?
Remember, email marketing is a skill after you have built your list –

“Money is in the List; Fortune is in the Follow-up”

How else do you get those offers and products and services that are going to make your customers’s lives easier?


Best Wishes,

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