Traffic Is Not the Life Blood of Your Business!

Traffic Is NOT the Life Blood of Your Business!

And Traffic for the uninitiated simply means people, or visitors to your website or your offer on the net.

And no I would say, Traffic per se, is not the life blood of your business. In fact whoever coined that, phrase has possibly done us all a dis-service because it implies once you have x amount of traffic then you can stop the flow.

No, most of us need a steady flow of traffic for our businesses to be profitable and I like to think of it like a body that needs a permanent transfusion. You see a business can be seen as a body that is constantly loosing blood!

So, Traffic Is Not the Life Blood of Your Business!

Once you have made a sale it doesn’t mean that then you are finished with your business. The sales have to keep coming, don’t they? No matter how many sales we make in our business it doesn’t mean that the revenue will last forever. No, we have to keep that transfusion going.

And this is why I think saying Traffic is the life blood of your business it not adequate enough a description for such a vital part of anyones business. In fact I think it disables many people, because they think they can pause or even give up on keeping their traffic flowing.

hong-kong-1990268_1280So, a “Traffic Transfusion”, constant traffic is what is the life blood of a business and stop the flow at your peril!

So, if you have an online business and you want a constant flow of quality traffic then learn how to get that constant flow here!

In the meanwhile you have a great day too!

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“Traffic Is Not the Life Blood of Your Business!”


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