Tony Robbins’s Secret

Tony Robbins’s Secret

April 2, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

This morning I was going through my FB feed while waiting for my other half to show up and came across a video of Tony Robbins that a friend had shared. How revealing it was because it must be Tony Robbins’s Secret and this must be the secret to his success.

Now there is a lot out there these days that as my Friend Terry Lamb would call ‘fake news’, but I haven’t found anything to suggest this is in those realms.

A little boy was growing up with an abusive mother. Well, a mother who displayed abusive behaviour towards her eldest son. And there is probably another story there because I don’t believe that people are born evil. I guess some learn this behaviour and then display it in terrible ways according to their own character.

And so I watched this video of Tony Robbins which you can see here on FB (the short version). Or you can hear Tony himself speaking (the long version below).


What a story of abuse and poverty, to riches beyond belief but also you wonder how many people he has helped in his life to be free from the shackles of an initial life.

Check out his story, a sad story with his mother and siblings, BUT learn the one thing that had a significant impact on him and how he has become a phenomenal human being.

Now we don’t all have to have a terrible beginning, but we do have to have a mindset that will catapult us to succeed. I now know why Tony Robbins very often talks about being ‘hungry’ for success.

If you have the determination to be hungry for success, then build your success here with this business online and help other people like Tony does to become financially free.

Here’s hoping I help you have a great day!

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“Tony Robbins’s Secret

PS I didn’t have an abusive mother but one that was lovely and yet I got the mindset to become successful! Here is how I help people!

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