The Lowdown On Online Traffic

The Lowdown On Online Traffic

I presume the answer is a resounding YES!

I mean as a Business Owner – or even if you have a little income producing biz you do part-time like a Network Marketing biz, you need visitors to your world to recruit.

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That is potential customers getting to your website, or your offer which you are promoting on FB. Or on the web anywhere – Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest or your Funnels.

Let me tell you about a tragic story about a fellow Affiliate Marketer, lets call him Joey.

Two, nearly three years ago we were on the same training course as we wanted to master FB traffic, so we could start to get the necessary leads to produce the sales and make a profitable  business.

Well, it was a 12 week online course that really introduced us to FB advertising and little did we know it would lead to many months of trial and tribulations with FB shutdowns and FB Jail sentences.

Thankfully I went on to other training which enables me now to get 100’s of  leads a day and grows my lists where I have happy subscribers buying my recommendations.

But a few months ago, I saw Joey in a Affiliate FB group with our old ‘buddies’ and he was overjoyed!


Because he’d got his FIRST lead!

And all our old buddies – but many newbies I might add were overjoyed, congratulating him and saying ‘many more to come’!

His first lead after at least 2.5yrs since we were first trying?

That for me is a TRAGEDY!

Deep in my heart I was crying and shocked because there was no way Joey could sustain a business with just 1 lead in a blue moon! I wish I could help them, make them see it can be so easy especially Joey!

His dream of a life would never be achieved because he has no idea – well not quite too he has an idea but doesn’t problem solve enough to find a solution like I did. So, his life stays the same – he will worry about his kid’s future and for him and his wife that retirement of a life travelling gets further and further away.

What was even more tragic was everyone else in that group was struggling with their traffic too.

TRAFFIC is the life blood of ANY business.

It is needed to get leads then sales and profit for our biz!

And there are some of us out there that find it easy to get good quality traffic to our offers. And I am talking about 100’s of leads a day!

So, By Now You Should Know
The Lowdown On Online Traffic

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Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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