The Games & Voting Have Begun!

The Games & Voting Have Begun!

May 4, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Yes I’m in an online contest put together by The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) and the Games & Voting Have Begun!

And this is where you can vote…

The Games & Voting Have Begun

And this is where you can see my video entry…

The Games & Voting Have Begun!

OR here it is for you……


What is the purpose?

Well, it is getting video testimonials for events that SAN organises, and Events/Seminars help members with the marketing of their businesses. You see these days many companies utilise contests/competitions in their business as part of their marketing. So, contestants to this competition will learn a lot by taking part which they can utilise in their own online business.

It is also fun making these video’s and trying to catch people attention to vote.

Most of the contestants will be doing a testimonial for an event which occurred in Arizona last month. Mine is for an even more prestigious event I went to last September where I learned heaps from SAN’s SEO Misha Wilson and the COO Jason Gazaway. I was just blown away by how much these two young men know about Marketing. And they can convey their knowledge for members like me to be able to implement and start making quality leads and sales as soon as getting home.

They also make it FUN, so not only do you get enormous benefits for your business but the whole experience is so enjoyable you will want to go again and again. Remember, as the late great, Jim Rohn said “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So, since Misha Wilson and Jason Gazaway are Multi-Million Dollar earners and since all attendees at these events are or are on their way to being $100K plus earners then they are a must attend.

Misha says ‘these events are where breakthroughs happen, and we have already seen many breakthroughs of the last event in Arizona like this one from my friend Renee Rushton…

The Games & Voting Have Begun!
Events, especially seminar events are where the very best in our society conveys excellence. Just like at Oxford University which is the backdrop to this Live FB Video.

My testimonial is to just such an event where in small seminar groups under the guidance and tutelage of Misha Wilson & Jason Gazaway I was able to systematise and automate my online business. Automate it down to just sending out two emails a day to get all the leads and sales I need. And an event I would put on a par with the seminar events conducted at this renowned University seen behind me in my Video, namely Christ Church College part of Oxford University.

And did you know inside is the Great Hall depicted in Hogwarts Castle of Harry Potter fame? But what better pupils can one have than one’s own grand-childen 😉

Have some fun and watch at least my video, but I would be honoured if you would vote for me.


The Games & Voting Have Begun


Here’s to you having great days!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
The Super Affiliate Network
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“The Games & Voting Have Begun! 

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