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Super Affiliates – Karen Richardson

It is always good to have testimonials for your business and here is one of Karen Richardson’s, Initial Journey with the
Super Affiliate Network…


Isn’t she lovely and just like you and me Karen is an ordinary person just wanting more out of life. Did you check out the video of Karen doing a testimonial for the Super Affiliate Network (SAN)?

She tells how she’d decided to stop trading time for money so started her journey into Affiliate Marketing in March 2015. However it wasn’t until she left her the original Opportunity where she got nowhere and joined SAN that things started to work for her. She puts this down to the training she got with SAN which was easy and straightforward and built for success.

So in just 3 weeks of joining SAN she made $8K and the sales didn’t stop there. She took action, made greater investment in SAN’s training by becoming first a Pro Member and then seeing the value in the training became a Maui Member.

The results were that in 6 months she made $27,225 and the number continues to grow to this day. So she really did stopped trading her time for money having left her part-time job as a school secretary where she was really wasted to becoming an overnight success story with the Super Affiliate Network.

What is special about Karen is that she is –  just the same as you or I. A young mum with two boys and two dogs who just wants the best out of life for herself and her family.

Checkout here testimonial above and you will see it is not rocket science to becoming a success online – it is just tapping into the right system.


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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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