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Meet Super Affiliates Ace & Rich.
However, It Wasn’t Always That Way!



You see it wasn’t until they invested at the very top; then went to Maui that they became Super Affiliates. There they got one on one training from Misha to get them to the next level in their business!

However before then, they had been struggling – for 8yrs going from one Opportunity to the next; one shiny object to the next! All saying it was the “exact same training” someone had used- the best training! And they believed it all, investing 10’s of thousands of $$. Until they met Misha on a FB post 🙂

So now they are Super Affiliates making 6 figures in their first year at the Super Affiliate Network (SAN). And they realised they were onto a good thing even before they invested at the top level of SAN. They realised from the initial Bootcamp training which they accessed for less than $400 that they were onto the real deal. They had already started to get leads and sales in the first few weeks of joining SAN. Pro level and then Maui level turned them into Professional Marketers and the SUPER AFFILIATES they are today.

They have a lifestyle that takes them to beautiful locations not just as a couple but as a family. Rich was able to indulge in a bran new 4×4 within 6 mths of joining SAN and now they are going to get their next car -wait for it – paid for by the Super Affiliate Network through the car incentive plan. How cool is that! I hear a Merc is on the cards!

Super AffiliatesThey have become leaders in the community and Ace was one of the 6 figure presenters on stage at the Maui Immersion event that took place in April 2017. Incidently, That event was FREE for any member of the Super Affiliate Network.

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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak



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