Stop! Black Friday is a Scam!

Stop! Black Friday is a Scam!

What do you mean

I can hear you saying…

Stop! Black Friday is a Scam!

Well yes its almost a scam! Its certainly a manipulation of us!


And I have sent the gist of this to my email subscribers, earlier than I normally do.  Because its BLACK FRIDAY and if they were/are in a queue hoping to catch a bargain or even thinking of going online to get that ‘bargain’ then I wanted them to….


read this first……


You see it’s all in the hype, we are being manipulated all the time. It the marketing, it’s all signals to get us to buy.
And remember ‘Buyer Beware’! 
You might think you’re getting a bargain but is that the reality and have you been drawn into consumerism all the time to feed, sadly many of the rich! 
I have thought for years the things that we buy these days just don’t last – it’s like buying toys. And my suspicions were upheld when I spoke to a guest of mine who has worked with different manufactures for decades – he can design things that last for years!

But his bosses tells him “make the metal thinner to last just over 5yrs; I won’t make a profit for it to last too long”!


Yep those were his words, not mine!
I’m even wondering about my Apple machines! I’ve always thought that they are the most sturdy computers (apart from looking and performing greatly) and a product that won’t fall apart in your hand or when you first drop your iPhone – it always happens doesn’t it!
Yet my new keyboard seems to be flimsy, this time But still cost me an arm and a leg.
It’s like my new cooker – costs twice as much as the average yet it still reminds me of a toy – flimsy and don’t doesn’t work as well as the old one. It looks beautiful but I can see it’s not going to stand the wear and tear. It has a 5yr guarantee – guess when I will need a new one.
I feel as though the human population – at least the western one is now here, only to pay taxes; to pay the interest payments on exorbitant lending and constantly working to replace ‘things’.
Then there’s all the speculating on crypto currency. It is speculating, by the way – I used to be a Financial Advisor for a while so trust me
on this one!
Although, I am not giving any ‘advise’ here – and neither do these ‘investments’ – interesting eh! Think about it – where’s the ‘regulation’ to at least protect us a little bit!
Speculating is a gamble. And in a gambling situation when the bubble bursts, as it inevitably will. There will be a handful that don’t lose the money they ‘invested’ and even maybe become rich.
But its always such a small handful!
Most will loose everything they ‘invested’. Investments should be for the ‘long-term’ – remember what your Financial Advisor said? 
Remember bubble? A period of excessive speculation that occurred roughly from 1997 to 2001. It burst and MOST people lost their money.  Then remember the banks went into crisis. The new crypto currency businesses are not like the banks they won’t get bailed out. If you invested in them.

I do hope you are One of the very few lucky ones.


Stop! Black Friday is a Scam!It’s like the Wild West at the moment with the Gold Diggers. Do you know who really made a success out of the Gold speculation in the Wild West? It was the people who sold Picks and  Shovels – True!
Throughout history it’s the people who invested in a BUSINESS and made it a success that have faired the best. The manufacture of my beautiful new cooker are the winner – I as the consumer am the loser.  
A business online these days will probably cost less to initially buy into it, compared to what you may intend to spend on your bargain – having waited in your queue this night.
This business online I can sit at home and work a few hours a day now. After sending this email out I will get several ‘sales’. 
Look here and see if your cost of what you intend to get as a bargain is more than the investment in this business.
Then I ask you – which is the better investment in your future? Which has the potential to put you in a situation where you don’t have to think about the price when you get out your CC?
One of my newest team who recently invested in this biz, did this….
 Invest in a Business
I hope you reconsider your consumerism you have been drawn into, particularly on this Black Friday (but really always) and start your new future here, where you won’t have to wait for Black Friday and think about the cost of things when you get your CC out 🙂 



Best Wishes,


Diane Duvnjak


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