Short and Sweet like Rocky Balboa

Short and Sweet like Rocky Balboa

March 16, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1
Remember Rocky Balboa…in which ever story movie he was in he had to overcome humongous obstacles.
The attitude and dedication reminds me very much of Entrepreneurs.
Those that make businesses succeed. Did you know that Roger Bannister died this year? First man to run the four-minute mile. He ran that mile here on the Iffley Road track, here in Oxford UK where I live. He was not only using that attitude of mind on the running track but in his academic career as a doctor.

And his run was a milestone because as soon as he had conquered beating the 4 mins, it was overtaken very quickly by so many others. You see dedication massive action and sometimes knowing that it is possible (attitude of mind)  makes for success.

Had he not beat that time of 4mins, probably means it wasn’t to be beaten for many years to come.

Its the same in business. We see one Macdonalds works so we know if we too apply the same principles the same system then ours will be a success too. The hardest Macdonalds to make a success was the first one.
But seeing the light is very liberating and makes things possible. When you’re in the business of list building and email marketing the biggest hurdle to get over is driving traffic and getting those leads.
But once you see it through this training it becomes easy and a thing of the past.
It becomes something you can do over and over again…..
Short & Sweet & Like Rocky

It is like cranking out a machine and you keep turning the wheel!

Then getting that first online sale! Oh boy, what a delight that is.  But it is really just another mind changer. It becomes an aha moment which changes your life because you know all you have to do is more of the same to get the American Green Moolla online.
It all comes down at the end of the day to the mindset of Rocky Balboa and Roger Bannister…dedication, hunger, trying it until you have done it and if you if not that then following in the footsteps of Giants called entrepreneurs.
Short & Sweet & Like Rocky BalboaMark Wilson a new member of the Super Affiliate Network has realised he walks with giants this morning. Having only started with the super affiliate network earlier this month so that’s what, less than two weeks! I mean I haven’t even had the chance of making flakybook friends with him! A Maui Sale is a commission of $3,500 times 3 is $10,500 in one day!
Short & Sweet & Like Rocky
Have a great day!
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“Short and Sweet like Rocky Balboa”

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