Secrets On Winning Competitions

Secrets On Winning Competitions

February 28, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Yep! Here I tell all! My Secrets On Winning Competitions in the Super Affiliate Network. What you need to do; what not to do and how to use your own Trump Card!

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Taking over 39% of the share of the votes you would wonder how I did it but with my little Trump Card it wasn’t that difficult! But you need to know these nuggets if you are to win such competitions. I also learned from the previous 2 I entered. the first I got no-where….total newbie. But in my second one I got to second place there which was no mean feat! As it was a close run with only 4 marks between me and the top prize.

But this time my Trump Card and I stole the show as they say.

You see here are a few of the tips I gave above..

  1. I knew the video would end up in a line up of videos. So, just as in sending your emails out you have to attract your prospect at this initial stage to simply get their attention over and above everyone else and actually listen to your video. If that is what they intend to do.
  2. Your ‘image’ from your video has to be different to everyone else’s! When you have a headshot on every video, something has to to be eye-catching and has to stand out from the others.
  3. Your content has to be good and relevant!
  4. Have a Trump Card!

Now for the rest, you really need to listen to the video above and if you want to see my winning video then see below…

In the Meanwhile Have a Great Day!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner

The Super Affiliate Network

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