SAN 30 Day Live Video Challenge

SAN 30 Day Live Video Challenge

Like a Competition? Like a Challenge?

The Super Affiliate Network has just launched another Competition of over $645 worth in prizes!

I love them but I love it even more when I get one of my team members enter one of the Super Affiliate Networks competitions. A competition where he can win great prizes by just doing what he needs to do in his business, to achieve great success.

Because that is his real prize – the exposure to his offers, the ‘celebrity’ if you like of success and the traction that comes with something like this, to lift you off into the stratosphere.

That is why we are all winners when we take action and enter the competition!


You can do this too – just join today and follow, below, the easy, easy rules of the competition to win…

  1. A tripod with a phone mount that will make your videos in te future more easy to do and consequently get you more sales! – Value $30
  2. A clip on Selfie Ring Light for your phone so people can see you and therefore connect with you better to know like and trust you – again consequently get you more sales! – VALUE $15
  3. Amazon Voucher with 3 of Misha Wilson’s (7 figure earner and our CEO and Mentor) top recommended books. Again to boost your Internet Marketing business and get you making more sales! – VALUE $100
  4. Live Interview on the Super Affiliate Networks Insider Closed FB Group with our 6 Figure Earners, Coaches and Public Speakers – Dan & Starzy Muscat. Plus, it will be featured on Misha Wilson’s Blog! In terms of getting you exposure and more sales well…VALUE $Priceless
  5. Last but not least 500 Solo Ad clicks to be run in the done for you Super Affiliates Co-op. Where the average for that amount of clicks is 5 to 8 sales! VALUE $500 – plus the sales you get which can be…. VALUE $Priceless!!!!!

THAT IS OVER $645!!!

So, What Do You Have To Do?

Do a FB Live or Youtube Live Video for the next 30 days and here is the points system:

  1. 5pts per FB Live or YT Live
  2. 2pts when you upload your video to your blog
  3. 2pts when you upload your FB Live to YT
  4. 2pts when you upload your YT Live to FB

It is so simple! Yet is it? What it demands is daily action for the next 30 days – that is the Challenge! Can you do it!

You have to join the Super Affiliate Network first here!

But that takes as long as you can fill in a 5mins application and pay your $1 trial to get into the bootcamp to learn this Online Business – that is a steal too! But I can’t go into that now.

Just join here and start you daily videos on your own FB Profile or Youtube Channel today!

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