Robots will destroy our jobs

Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs


OMG when I saw this headline in the Guardian Newspaper “Robots Will Destroy Our Jobs” I immediately thought of Margaret Thatcher!

Technology Robots will destroy our jobsI am a UK Baby Boomer you see, and in the 70’s MT destroyed jobs. The Miners went on strike; we student teachers went on protests (it was also fun at the time – whooo hooo). She decided we weren’t to be a manufacturing base – that was all to go to China and we ended up with financial services and the 2007/08 banking crisis. Mind you we don’t have all the air pollution that Chinese cities have today – that is a godsend, I suppose.

Changes alway bring in chaos, at least for a while. Some are able to adapt and I firmly believe that is the key.

For only short periods in my life have I been on the ‘career’ path. Started out training to be a teacher but as I hated it never pursued that career path. Instead I had to quickly adapt as no-one was going to ’employ’ me. Had to make my own money and own lifestyle.

So, converted our home (as it was very large and had a builder for a husband) into a B&B. Loved my lifestyle, as I love being at home and ‘nesting’. But after two children, becoming a widow, fighting a court case and finding out I was now essentially (at least financially) a single mum (with add ons – grandchildren; second partner and aspirations) I realised I needed to up my game and get online.

So, I trawled and found Internet Marketing. Invested, went into debt but now reaping the rewards and on the verge of making it really big. Actually, beyond my wildest dreams. It is all happening right now!

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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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