Robert Missed Out On a $1000 Commission

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Robert Missed out on a $1000 Commission and I Have Also Been There!

I noticed a post this morning on our general SAN FB page. It made me very sad, because I know EXACTLY how Robert is feeling right now!!!
Missed Out on $1000

I have been there big time!!!!!

Not in SAN but in another opportunity where I  lost out on $11,000 as a newbie 🙁 And maybe that is why I am now at the highest level of SAN. And actually, I also used to miss out in my other business, many moons ago as a Financial Advisor.
Even in that Industry, if you don’t get qualified (go higher up their tier) you miss out on potential top tier sales.
Remember Laura is only ONE of Robert Barry’s future team 🙂 We never know how quickly those in our team are progressing 🙂
And it is no-good disliking Up-sells. They are just a way of the world these days. I have a carpet cleaning partnership with my son, and even there we have to
work with up-sells.
It is a way of your potential customer getting to know like and TRUST you and so long as you have a strategy of pre-eminence the world will be a better place.
And remember we are all buyers, so someone somewhere is selling – why not let it be you when you take on the Mantle of a Trusted Advisor.
Have a Great Day  —–AND CONNECT, if you haven’t so far, as I have taken on the Mantle of a Trusted Advisor.
I want you to harness the Internet and become a success 🙂

Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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