Pen Pal's & Tai Chi

Pen Pal’s & Tai Chi!

Are you doing what you love and does it provide you with the lifestyle you seek?

And did you ever have a Pen Pal?

I love email marketing to my customers and prospects. I love it above all the facebook lives and youtube videos out there.

But I’ve done all aspects of what you have to do in a business including lives and YT videos. I’ve learned the skills and implemented whatever you need to get a business off the ground, to it being a success and it providing the lifestyle that you seek.

But out of everything…. I love the emailing I do. I am of an age when we used to write letters and were encouraged to have pen-pals and I loved that too. The getting to know someone at a distance and then even meeting up once or twice in a lifetime. It’s even easier now with facetbook and skype etc.

So, how’s things with you? My emails can take me a few mins to an hour to write. There’s the reconstituting to put out on here, linked-in, twitter and facebook. Then there is the supporting of my team who learn how to create a biz of their own. But for the most part my time is my own to decide how I am going to fill it.

Like this morning I am off to my Tai Chi class. I have the privilege of being taught by Grandmaster Gou Kongjie who lives here in Oxford in the UK.

So, must ring off but you can see him here – he is now aged, but in the 60’s he was taught by Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui, the Head and Heir of the 18th generation of the Chen Family.

Have a great day and if you would like to do a couple of hours a day (eventually, have to learn first!) then…..

Here is how!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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