Paid for Playing

Paid for Playing

I get PAID FOR PLAYING every morning! I play in my kitchen-breakfast room (I own a B&B and love doing the cooking and hosting 🙂

You see I provide my guests with the best English Breakfast they have ever had, providing them with my own home made yoghurt, jams, hash browns (not a grain of wheat in sight) as well as full cooked – eggs and bacon etc. I then get to hear all their fascinating stories about what they do in life.

Today, one of my guests told me he’d been a Peace-Keeper in Bugojno in the Former Yugoslavia – members of my family used to live!

Yesterday, a man from Holland told me about his Welsh father and the story of how he’d moved to Holland – incorporating the 2nd WW and all that fascinating history.

Paid for PlayingThe day before, a man came and enlightened me that he was in a competition here in Oxford – The Bodlein Designer Book-Binder competition! What! Never heard you could be a Designer Book-Binder and the covers he showed me were AMAZING! One had been designed for the book The Lord of the Rings and actually had a ring in the binding 🙂

This guest certainly gets paid for playing! And his friend that came with him owns a winery! You know what he told me? Making wine makes you happy everyday 🙂 Someone else who gets paid for playing!

When my guest have all gone on their way I then take a look in my Back Office to see what is happening in my Online Playground – that is where it really starts to get interesting 🙂 It’s all about getting yourself set up to receive “Passive Income”. A pay cheque while you sleep 🙂

Playgrounds, playpens and simply playing is what to strive for 🙂

Do you have a playground where you play everyday and get paid for it?

You can join the same one I make a passive income from, right here!

Diane Duvnjak

 Diane Duvnjak

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