One Year Ago….

Everyone is making New Year resolutions and I guess most of them are going to be broken! Are you like that? There are some people who make New Year resolutions as a matter of course but why is it that most get broken?

But not with Ivan Terrance Koula (IT) whose testimonial video you can find to the right with all the other video testimonials to me.

You see two years ago Ivan decided he was going to make his own destiny and get away from his 9 to 5 job – a high spec job it was too! But nevertheless he wanted to be his own boss and to experience the freedom of being an Entrepreneur.

And last year he decided he would make money online and now he is all set to show the world, those that want to how they can do the same through the Super Affiliate Network.

But what a year!

Here is his video he did this morning to announce to his 5000 FB friends that he would be all out to promote the Super Affiliate Network on FB. It is really inspirational if you want to do something similar yourself. But even more so if you listen to his video from a year ago over there on the right (maybe scroll down a bit) when he was a bit green on camera.

Ivan But one on stage ‘speaks’ course which took him out to Thailand to inspire young people to live their dreams and the Super Affiliate Bootcamp which showed him how to build a business online and he is now set to inspire the world!

Check out where he is going next to speak on stage and hear from himself how he has built two businesses in just one year.

You can join here and have the same story in 1yrs time!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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