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Oh Boy! Has Passion Ever Got You into Trouble?


And I’m not just thinking about the passion that we get up to in the bedroom!

No we have other passions and of course one of mine is business. It should be no surprise to you BY NOW that I promote a business online to you everyday. But this wasn’t even about any of my businesses. I inadvertently got myself into conflict with a FB friend of mine and he is even in one of my business teams! I’ve even been there before on this subject – health and wellness – particularly with my own family over the past few years.

You see about 5yrs ago I had a guest that stayed at my B&B. He was on a contract with Oxford University and he stayed with me Mon to Fri for about 6 months so I got to know him quite well. But he only ever had English breakfast without the sausage and no cereal, no juice, no jams or marmalade. You see he’d found out that wheat in particular was detrimental tohis health. When he gave up the carbs he didn’t need help climbing the stairs! He didn’t get the rosy pink line around his hair line.

He felt much healthier and he told me about “the Wheat Belly” a book by Dr William Davis. Where Davis concludes that wheat is the
number 1 contributor to the obesity problem in the US.

And don’t forget that the US is one of the biggest exporters to the whole world so we are right behind them! But having read the book and looked into it much deeper over the last 5yrs I have also concluded that the optimum ‘diet’ should be a Ketone diet – that is a HIGH FAT; LOW CARB diet. Yes, you hear me HIGH FAT – good fats like olive oil (but don’t fry with it!) fresh (preferably organic) avocados – coconut fat and MCT oil.

But I do find it is the one ‘diet’ that I strive to achieve- not that I HAVE achieved. I find it very difficult in our society today to implement. We are all geared up, STILL, to a low-fat diet which with our high carbohydrate consumption is killing us…… see the passion coming out!

So it got me into trouble the other day with my friend online as I invited him to an online health and fitness class… But its also got me into trouble many a day with my own family, trying to get them into my way of thinking with my new found knowledge.

But I worry for my family – my son-in-law Adil in particular; but for my grandchildren too as I see them addicted to carbs the way I am! I worry for my friends who I can see are heading for a heart attack and are more than pre-diabetic. I worry for us as the human race on this passion of mine – terrorists don’t need to blow us up – we are doing it ourselves! Did you know that the children of the US now have less of a lifespan than their parents?

That is a tragedy as Dr Robert Lustic of “Sugar the Bitter Truth” says!

The US in particular is feeling the brunt of this, but none of us are safe from the last 40yrs of vilification of fat. And it is none of our faults either.

Did you know that sugar is a killer? It is apparently more addictive than cocaine! It is not because we eat too much and should just cut down. Sorry but there is overwhelming evidence these days that shows us we are addicted to sugars – particularly sucrose and high fructose corn syrup!

But we are not free from pasta, rice, bread – all the staples!

So, my passion gets me into trouble BUT you see I do believe in being the Fiduciary Advisor.

And WE DO have a choice to change our lives! Be it in our food and drink choices, or our lifestyle – I mean why do people spend years of their lives having to kow-towing to a boss and spend hours of their lives in a commute?

I know it takes courage but with small steps we can all do ANYTHING we set our minds on. I am living proof of that because although I still have problems with weight gain my diet has changed so dramatically that I am not half as addicted to carbs as I used to be…..can’t get through a whole bar of Green & Blacks chocolate for a start!

Get passionate….and remember you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Here’s my other passion too – a biz – so you can choose all and pay easily for all those organic berries and veggies!

Ask me about it.

I promise I will be the fiduciary advisor with you!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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