Nugget Tips from the Queen of Facebook

Nugget Tips from the Queen of Facebook


A couple of days ago Mari Smith sent me an email (I subscribe to her) and I want to share one email, in particular with you because it really was, Nugget Tips from the Queen of Facebook herself.  I would recommend you subscribe to her too, if you use any sort of social media marketing, in your business.

What I found in this particular email was really, sheer brilliance when it comes to optimising your posts on Facebook. She really is the ‘Queen of Facebook’ and I love her as she just gives and gives!

In the email she directed us to this FB post below, which you can click on and see the whole post. It is just one of those automatic things you can do as a business that is just super effective and really costs you very little for such a great gain. Check it out below.

It is a reply to another subscriber (Petra Hočevar) who was worried about Facebook dropping the reach on her posts. You are aware that Facebook organic search is very very low. Of course you are aware, but are you doing anything about it? The first thing is to connect to the top people who are ‘in the know’ and Mari is the one for Facebook. Listen to this brilliant video by Mari – she made on Animoto.


But the gist is we need in our posts to ‘educate, entertain, tell stories, add value, be unique, but far more important get organic reach before boosting and paying for your advert. So see her video to find out how long to wait and ‘why video’ so why we recommend Animoto and much more.

This Really is Nugget Tips from the Queen of Facebook

So, see the video, subscribe to Mari Smith. Make your video’s on Animoto or similar software and away you go with getting your Facebook organic reach to have a ROI. Or take join her in her Facebook Marketing Masterclass.

Of course, as a home business owner to take advantage of The Super Affiliate Network you would be able to join the video challenge open to all. Where you learn and practise doing your own video’s and FB Lives but with a business opportunity second to none. Easy learning – a business that you can work from home and become financially secure.

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