New Coaching Role

New Coaching Role

September 19, 2017 1 By WebSavvyNana_1

Why A New Coaching Role?

You won’t know this but many moons ago I trained as a teacher. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and love seeing others succeed. In fact ever since I heard the quote by Zig Ziglar…

“You Can Have Anything You Want In Life,
If You Just Help Enough People Get What They Want”

it gave me that perfect excuse to do what I love doing! And that is helping other people to succeed.

So, it comes as no surprise to me that I have incorporated all that I have learned over the last 3yrs or 4yrs into developing and coaching my own team here at the Super Affiliate Network.

But I am also willing to help anyone who wants to learn about this Online Space where there is a new thriving economy. Hence I have taken on a new Coaching Role which you Aspiring Entrepreneurs can tap into. People like Natalie Southgate….


The funny thing is I never did end up as a teacher. You see I’d always loved school and learning and I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful, exciting school where we were happy as children in a nurturing and secure environment. But, by the time I’d got through teacher training college the school system here in the UK had dramatically changed.

The comprehensive system had been introduced a few years earlier and it brought with it the demise of a great British school system where schooling was enjoyed by the majority of state school children. The Comprehensive System seemed to just bring a lot of chaos into schools and unfortunate unhappy children who were becoming more and more disruptive.

I ended up having to deal with behavioural problems rather than relishing in children’s learning and developing their natural curiosity.

But everything has come right for me as I get into more and more Coaching of Eager Would be Entrepreneurs.

But what benefits do you get? Well, you can listen to the testimonials here on my website and Natalie’s above but also you should know that coaching and mentoring will:

  • Get you to your goals more quickly and ultimately your dreams!
  • It will give you more confidence and motivation, not only in your business life but in your life in general.
  • Your leadership and management qualities will develop.
  • You will become your own person and not someone else’s version of what you should be or want to be.
  • You will get purpose in your life and not just drift along.
  • You will develop your communication, study and personal skills.
  • Your circle of friends will increase for the better.
  • Ultimately, you will benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth.

You can tap into this by clicking here.

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