Fintech is here to stay

Network Marketing for Crypto-Currencies

Amazing isn’t it! You can actually promote the new Crypto-Currencies these days. So, yes Network Marketing for Crypto-Currencies is now available if you want to make it your business – which I am doing.

I liken it to being a stock-broker and I am not advising anyone to do anything – I am just showing what I have achieved in the short time that I have been buying Bitcoin. You see Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors used to ‘advise’ you to put your investment income into companies and you would get dividends- the stock-broker/financial adviser would get a commission.

Today, it is all on the web. USI-Tech is a company where you can have your Bitcoin Investment – just like you would have it in stocks and shares and where as the company/Bitcoins increase in value, so does your own Bitcoin value. However, just like the Stockbroker analogy you can get a commission for introducing investors and placing your Bitcoins with USI-Tech.

Here is an information video for you to look at.

It’s a new and fascinating world. The traditional banks seem to be getting in on the band-wagon too so that for me is giving this whole new world some authority and credence. I live in Oxford UK and it is of course the world’s centre of learning and excellence. The University itself even has classes about this whole new world!


Yes, the worlds leading University – I dare to say, is leading the way. See the video below which is part of one of their marketing videos for prospective students to come and learn about the future of money, markets and transactions and the future trends in fintech, regtech and proptech.

All new jargon I know – but wiki will tell us most of what we don’t know and understand yet!

In the video above did you notice they quote Nick Ogden co-founder of ClearBank “The days of big banks delivering everything and being a specialist in everything is over”.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that we have to invest in Crypto-Currencies! I for one am doing so and have already in just a week made massive headway with my small investment.

If Oxford University and the banks are getting in on it all then I don’t want to be left behind!

If you don’t want to be left behind then take a look at this information video here and start investing as much as you can.


Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

PS Traditionally Stocks & Shares have given us an average return of about 10%.
So, to get a $100 return you investment would have to have been $1m 🙁

PPS Currently, investment in property here in  Oxford UK for a return of $100
rent a year, would have to be $5m 🙁

PPPS We don’t know yet with Bitcoin and the other Crypto-Currencies 🙁 But
in 1 week I made $5310 commission having made a $600 investment! NOTE
THAT IS NOT TYPICAL – you can make more but you can also make LESS!

PPPPS You Can always do a Course At the Oxford University Said Business
School…6 weeks online – one subject eg ‘Blockchains’ $2947…. $53,046 for
3yrs in total study – and then you have to go an build your own business.

PPPPPS This Online Home Based Biz, for $100K return – initial investment $1.
Total investment paid over your own designated time..$27,501

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