My Team Member Milka Njeru, up There Again with the Vip’s!!!

My Team Member Milka Njeru, up There Again with the Vip’s!!!

April 10, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Last night her sales strategies and tactics made here one of the big Pro Sales which meant My Team Member Milka Njeru, up There Again with the Vip’s!!! For the uninitiated, this means she got herself $1,000 commission for selling information products and services on the internet, while she slept.

She has only been learning since last September, but she has automated enough to get this fantastic second income!

MY TEAM MEMBER MILKA NJERU, UP THERE AGAIN WITH THE VIP'S!!!Milka’s day is a hectic one as she is a nurse in the lovely state of Florida. On top of that work, she has four children and a husband. A husband who is just changing jobs, and you know what that means. Between jobs can say they will be short of cash. So Milka’s new income source has only come at the right time.

She has been dedicated to getting her new internet business off the ground. Getting out of her comfort zone, and learning all she can in this short space of time but you can see it is paying off. $1,000 is no mean bit of commission! And it is not her only one but a nice chunk this month!

But she couldn’t have done it without using every bit of spare time to learn here new skills of website building, traffic generation and then making sales. All on the internet and all automated. Hunger, dedication and implementation of her new abilities have produced this result. She is now well on her way to getting such commissions consistently.

Today she is off to Arizona to the Super Affiliate Networks Immersion event. At the event, she will learn even more from the best of the best. Milka’s eventual aim is to give up her job of nursing as it is beginning to take its toll on her. Persevere she must if she is going to get those $1K commissions consistently.

If you go back over my other emails, I have said events like the Immersion is where breakthroughs happen, and I know there will be further breakthroughs for my lovely team member Milka Njeru. You can befriend her here!

Now while Milka is off to learn and also enjoy herself, and if you are as likeminded as Milka and also want to join my team and get my coaching services (that helped Milka to get where she is), then click on this link here.

See you soon on the other side!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
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“My Team Member Milka Njeru, up There Again with the Vip’s!!!


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