My Grandson’s Website

My Grandson’s Website

September 21, 2016 0 By WebSavvyNana_1


A few days ago I was looking after my grandson while my daughter took her younger daughter to a school friends birthday party. You know what its like when the other sibling gets left behind, don’t you. They feel left out to say the least. So what better way than developing my grandson’s website to getting him feeling positive.

After a short while of reading his favourite story to him he asked me a question. It was, “why can’t I have a website grandma, like you with my own shop on it”. So I thought about it just for a few seconds and I said, “why not I can help you make one”.

Online BusinessWell you can imagine the joy on his face because for eight-year-old as he said himself, “not many eight year olds will have one”.

Of course the first thing that we had to do was to find a domain name which was very exciting for him. I mean what was this website going to be about, first question. What would my grandson like to use his website for?

He eventually thought that it would be about the things that he would be interested in, so we decided it was going to be his very own blog. We then had to host the domain name and it became apparent that there were all these new words that he had to learn. But when you’re motivated, child or adult you learn very quickly. But his comment was, “this isn’t difficult grandma I don’t know why I didn’t make one before”.

Once we hosted the domain name he’d chosen my grandson was getting impatient to ‘see’ his website. But it didn’t take long to help him load WordPress and gradually his little website became alive with his first blog. Oh my goodness the joy when he first saw his own little page on the world wide web.

It was a page about him which was easy to do and because he couldn’t write quickly enough he soon learned about ‘dictation’. So he happily dictated what he wanted to put on his website. I could hear his teachers in my in my head saying oh no he needs to learn to write with a pencil before he goes and types on a keyboard and oh my goodness what about all those out there wanting to prey on children. But that is the nature of their children’s world these days and with a teacher/grandma/mentor learning about key words are more important than anyone finding my grandson’s website while in development.  And writing with a pen or a pencil? Our children have all day at school to use their pens and pencils and I do think it’s valuable and so does my grandson. We have to live with today’s technology and the sooner we get to know about it the better or we get left behind.

What I’d like you to see here is that if an eight-year-old can actually make his own website with a little help, then anyone can. And there is lots of help which makes it no a stumbling block to having your own online business and who knows it a few more months when my grandson learns more about website development maybe he too will have a business – at the age of nine.

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