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What is Mobile First?

It was early yesterday morning about 7:15am and a Friday and I needed to get to London Kensington for a Mastermind event taking place for business owners. So I rushed off, its only a 10min walk and I was able to catch the 8:44 directly into Marylebone Station.

The train travelled through the Chilterns, leafy beech trees in parts, with rolling hills that are only produced because of the undertlying chalk. It takes you through Buckinghamshire where there are many areas of outstanding beauty.

The train station is a new line with lovely new trains and I have been dying to try the line out.

Don’t you just love travelling on a train? An hour of pure joy!

It wasn’t even busy, even though at that time in the day there are many commuters – I supposed the majority went even earlier! So glad I don’t do 9 to 5 and all the commuting associated! A big perk of being your own boss which you can access here!

But I digress, so back to the event being run by Chris Cardell – have you heard of him?

His biggest claim to fame is that he is related to Mick Mcmanurs! Apparently, MM is CC’s uncle, or something close like that. Remember the short tubby Wrestler? Well you have to be a certain age and actually, I can only just remember him. My dad used to watch Wrestling every Saturday afternoon on the telly and there were big characters like Mick and ‘Big Daddy’.

Thinking back it was quite violent and even as a child I remember hating it being on the tv. But it was a very popular sport in the 60’s and there were even funny moments – all the characters were great – and I remember my dad laughing out loud!

Here is a clip Mick Mcmanurs and another wrestler called Catweazle – and there were always antics!



Strange what we used to watch!

So, this event.

I decided I would go because Chris Cardell targeted me as one of his prospects. And his hook was this new internet trend that has established itself.

Mobile First

You see in the initial ten years or so of us searching for products and services on the internet, we have always predominantly done it, via our desktops. However, in the last year or so the balance has tipped towards mobile.

You might say ’so what’ but for businesses this is a huge shift. Now mobile is monopolising 60% of the traffic we are getting and it is growing!

So much so, that a year ago Google’s focus was changed to ‘Mobile First’. And Chris Cardell revealed yesterday that:

 “Google will wipe you off their site if your mobile page displayed, is not mobile friendly”.

And you can see why.

After all, Googles primary aim is for the consumer to have a good experience and so keeps coming back. So Google favours those websites that does this for the consumer.

You can see that as business owners if we don’t optimise the users experience on mobile we are losing 60% of business – immediately! And if we are slapped by Google then our business could potentially go down the pan!

There has been a gradual lowering of sales, enquiries, leads for most of us who have relied on traditional searching on the internet from a desktop. It’s this change in environment that has caused it and it has also changed the quality of our leads.

Look at these two images:Mobile First

Mobile First








You can see that the mobile users on the train are having a different experience to the serious desktop user. And which ‘lead’ is going to be better qualified, do you think? The one that says – “Oooo that looks interesting… what did you say, our stop is next…” or the one that is silently searching for “how to create a home business for stay at home moms”.

And therein lies the ‘behaviour’ changes that we are going to have to adapt to as Marketers. Where 60% of our leads are finding us on mobile.

Everything is going to have to be simpler, quicker, more mobile friendly than ever before. You can’t afford to ignore this – it is not going away!

The Mobile Environment

We can’t be complacent and think the technology will sort itself out. No, the mobile environment needs a Marketing Solution. And we have to adapt to the changes in behaviour:

  • that 8 secs of initial time we get to influence the buyer
  • The fact that there is so much to distract their attention away from your ad
  • we have to deal with the fear and uncertainty that mobile is constantly bringing up on peoples phones. We don’t watch the news the news alerts us with notifications all the time.


  1. Mobile First – Google has built their business now, around ‘Mobile First’. So should we!
  2. It has pushed online website visitors to make a CALL as their preference. Which is great because this is an ‘inbound call’ – so different to those ‘cold calling methods’.  And it is so simple – it involves just pressing a button – so long as you have optimised for mobile friendly application! It’s Attraction Marketing they are coming to YOU!
  3. Remember, our attention spans are getting worse – making a call is instant and gratifies that phenomenon.
  4. And remember, your number can be placed at a static position at the bottom of the phone so that the user doesn’t have to keep scrolling to find it.
  5. With your prospect calling you there will be less chasing and less follow-up! So long as your sales skills are tuned!
  6. Checkouts need to be optimised so that it is smoother and simpler – the less people with lack of attention have to click, the better. Apparently, each click looses a prospect. So think about it!
  7. It can produce immediate sales as a call has focused the person onto you and what you are offering.

On that last point. You can still do a soft sell initially and combine it with follow-up but the initial call from them has started a great relationship development.

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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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