Meet Me On My Day 3 Quest

Meet Me On My Day 3 Quest

Its not that I am obese. Far from it but you know when you could be that little bit slimmer and feel better. So here you can meet me on my day 3 of my quest to lose 30lbs to 40lbs. Or 15kgs if you are in Europe 🙂



Now it is no good being wealthy if you are not healthy – I am sure you would agree!

And more and more evidence is coming out that being overweight leads to so many of our killer diseases. For example everyone would agree that weight contributes to type II diabetes. But then there is cancer, heart disease, even Alzheimers is now being called diabetes type III.

‘They’ knew in the 1930’s that a high fat diet – yes high fat not low fat was a ‘cure’ for epilepsy. Yet we have forgotten or chosen not to know these facts. Instead we have been driven by big businesses and governments who put food on a political agenda. We have big corporations like Monsanto who have the power to lobby to get what they want. And it is not what is good for you and me but for their own pockets.

Where has the ‘trusted advisory role’ gone in business? Where has customers service? When did they stop becoming the fiduciary for us?

I follow these principle for the trusted advisor! I could not in all conscience do anything else. That is why I am not (yet) promoting this weight loss program I am on. I need to know more about it first and see the the results.

Already, I have a negative. You see it is four years since I gradually changed my diet to as much of an organic one as possible. I never went in for much processed foods and butter and great saturated fats in their own proportions never went out of the window with my family.

Then take a leap of faith here – I will be one of those to catch you at the Super Affiliate Network 🙂

Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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