Market Research of Your Customer

Maui Intensive “LA Edition” Behind the Scenes Ch3 of 4

Market Research of Your Customer

The training on the Maui Intensive “LA Edition” included the very important aspect of knowing and understanding your intended customers. Without knowing your target Misha told us it is virtually impossible to sell to them. Which means your business will be doomed from the start.

He gave us a good analogy of selling steak to a vegetarian or an Avocado at the right time when a vegetarian is hungry!  Made me laugh and a great way to remember to sell to the right person at the right time.

We also learned about the difference between your Target Market and Your Customer Avatar. For a long time I thought these were the same but they are far from it.

Your Target Market shares similar pains, wants similar goals and similar aspirations. My Target Market for example is the Opportunity Market – the group of people who are Entrepreneurs and looking the build an online business. Whereas ones Avatar for each of us Affiliates is going to be different.

You build up your fictional character that has all the characteristics of your Target Market but who will resonate with your own Attractive Character. These Avatar individuals will resonate with you the most.  It should be your ideal customer.

You then speak to this ideal customer in every email that you send – on every post that you make for FB. In every video that you do and on every sales letter that you write. But this ideal customer this Avatar must embody and share the common hopes, dreams, desires fears and pains that your Overall Target Market is associated with too.


Customer AvatarIt is also important that you embody what your Avatar is looking to be. So for example my Avatar is younger than me, in his 50’s and his name is James and he is married with a son at University and who is expected to now go on and do a Ph’d. James¬†is fed-up with the 9 to 5 experience; especially the commute and would love to work from home. He¬†dreams of owning his own business, being his own boss rather than helping his boss succeed and prosper.

He has been relatively successful in the corporate world but not enough to end up with a fantastic pension. He has the prospect of helping his son out with finances for another 3 or 4 yrs – which he wasn’t expecting. And lays awake at night wondering how they are all going to manage financially as time seems to be flying by.

He has stopped paying for medical insurance because of the rising costs in helping his son through University and hopes to god non of them have an accident or contract a major illness. Yet he hears stories of more and more people getting cancer, diabetes and heart disease to name a few. He is relatively fit as his wife only  works part-time and has to time to do what she loves which is to cook.

But Sue his wife¬†is also encouraging him to cut down on his sugar intake as she has heard about Ketones being a better fuel for ones body that glucose. She is overweight and constantly trying to loose lbs. James is finding it increasingly expensive to buy organic fresh foods and Sue’s dabbling into weight-loss programmes and their products.

But he loves taking his small family on holidays and would love to do more of that Рexcept he has to put in the time at work.

James has an Entrepreneurial spirit in him and he loves adventure.

He has dabbled online trying to sell on Amazon but has got frustrated and bought so many programs to try to help him understand this online ‘trading’.

But the online world fascinates him and unbeknown to his wife because he criticised her MLM attempts, he spends several hours of an evening searching online for ‘make money online’ systems.

He is determined to get out of corporate, which isn’t his cup of tea and ‘make it online’ – be his own boss and be financially secure.

So, I hope I have helped you to clear up the difference between your target marketing and your own avatar.

But if you want the same training as James is looking for and which has got me to have a successful business online then you will find it here.

Best Wishes,

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