Day 2 of Maui Intensive "LA Edition"

Maui Intensive “LA Edition” Behind the Scenes Ch2 of 4

Another day of Intensive work – at the Maui Intensive “LA Edition” Behind the Scenes Ch2 of 4!

And what a day!

Concentrating on High Level Paying Activities, one of them being Webinars!

Here is me – should have been a live but had techincal issues  put hay didn’t want to let you guys and gals down to show you what a fabulous event this is….


So what did you think of that?

Great isn’t it! To be able to identify high level activities in your business is worth its weight in gold. And I have set myself a challenge to bring to you guys and gals my first Webinar with a deadline of 2 weeks.

That is another thing, you have to overcome procrastination and I have found if you tell everyone you are going to do something by a certain date then it is more likely you will actually do it! You might leave it till the last min which is what I have done sometimes but at least you have got it done.

And you know they say the Money is in the List BUT the Fortune is in the Follow-Up and with Webinars – as so many DO NOT USE THEM not only are they a high paying activity but as you will be one of the few who do them you will stand out!

So, I can’t emphaise enough how much this will help you!

Click here to start at the beginning – you have to start at the beginning but with the enthusiasm and dedication you will soon be a Maui Member!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak Diane Duvnjak

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