Marketing the Opium of the Entrepreneur

Marketing is the Opium of the Entrepreneur

How Does It Feel When You Hit on an Income Stream That Just Floods You?

I will tell you how I felt – POWERFUL, EXHILERATED…… & ADDICTED.

But I’ve felt this many times before…….

I spent four years training to be a teacher. A ‘Career’ I thought I would love. Only to find that I absolutely hated it and so what was I to do? Well I got any old job and someone I have met a year earlier told me his brother needed a PA so off I toddled to London. It was also only a part-time job and living in London is/was expensive. But my bosses brother, the one that got me the job, took me under his wing and helped me along. He eventually became my husband and the father of my children. But my part-time job and his few building jobs that he got were enough to sustain us and a growing family.

Marketing is the Opium of the entrepreneurHowever, I took to marketing his Building & Maintenance enterprise – and placed ads in strategic places. This tapped into my own Entrepreneurial fever.  Even before we married my late husband had a huge double fronted Victorian Villa in London. But he’d bought it with what I would call undesirable tenants paying peanuts for rent.

So since he was a builder and we needed a better ‘income’ coming in – besides I couldn’t just the little housewife at home we decided he was to renovate the house and I would run it as a B&B. Grand ideas you might think. Especially, as I had very little marketing experience apart from beginning to find my husband a few more jobs.

Also this Victorian Villa was not in the best position. An off-road house and 35 years ago there was NO chance of an Internet presence. It was wise if opening up a B&B to really be on a main road!

So I missed out on that bit of easy marketing!

But I have always been a determined soul and a bit of an adventure. So I thought well I need to advertise somewhere  where people outside of the tourist trade are looking for B&B’s. I looked around for what we had and saw that the London Evening Standard had a classified section.

My late husband had commented once that builders from outside London were doing many jobs. So, I thought maybe, just maybe on their lunch breaks they would try to find ‘cheaper’ accommodation than could be found from the English Tourist Board.

We had five bedrooms that we were going to use and 10 beds spaces more to the point. The builders came down in groups so I figured they wanted cheap and cheerful – what todays Hotel Inspector would call budget.

So I just put one small classified ad that I had clean basic accommodation at a great price, great for tradesmen who knew one another.

The ad cost me 7 pounds a week which was a lot of money especially if it didn’t bring in any business. I pitched it at £7 pounds per person including breakfast £5 if you chose no breakfast- which was a huge discount in those days!

I was INUNDATED with calls I could’ve filled 50 B&Bs! In fact I sent people to other bed-and-breakfast and my parents came down to settle in London too – and I filled there place too!

It was an income stream that just flooded my B&B; it was an income stream that worked!Marketing the Opium of the Entrepreneur_

For three years I didn’t change it, I didn’t alter it.

I needed only to place one ad every couple of months to completely fill my B&B for the next 8 weeks.

And that is what it’s like when money starts flooding in from the marketing and the advertising that you can tap into.

And when it happens it’s addictive.

Its like a switch you can turn on and off. Its like a money making machine!

Because of that experience I never thought about getting a job ever again. I was in control of how much I made. I was not beholden to someone else telling me how much I was worth!

Can you remember that very first lead that you got how exhilarating it felt how proud of yourself you felt, and how powerful you felt? And can you remember that very first sale.

That addiction you should remember, because there are income streams out there when you tap into that will get your adrenaline running. You will feel such power and joy of what you have produced, works.

There are times it doesn’t work though!

You have got something wrong, you haven’t mastered the strategies and tactics and you’ve not understood the marketing – enough.

What you have to do, is just keep finding what does work. And when they work, just keep exploiting them. If they stop you find another one.

But by this point your addiction will have kicked in and you will have become an Entrepreneur!


Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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