Just Show Up & Do It

Just Show Up & Do It!

Did you know that to “Just Show Up & Do It” is half the battle of being successful?

Check out this TED talk video of Writer Elizabeth Gilbert. Believe me you will enjoy watching it as have  almost 3 million other viewers. In fact I bet it will make you at least laugh and maybe even cry! She agrees that you should Just Show Up & Do It.




Did you also know that my other half used to be Professor of Bio-Geo-Chemisty – cool eh and he is little old me! He is ‘retired’ now but those of you that know any academics know that the best of them never retire! Actually, just like an Entrepreneur and a characteristic of success of both is that they turn up and do what is necessary to succeed.

My daughter went to his University to do her Human Biology degree (I’m not the genius in the family as you can see) and one day she came to me and said she wasn’t going to one of the lectures. Can you believe it! I couldn’t at the time.

But what was worse, it was a policy of the University that students didn’t have to attend all their lectures – only 80% of them! I was shocked! It wasn’t like that in my day I can remember saying in disgust. Apparently, it WAS a policy of the University. By, the way this isn’t THE University of Oxford but the second University Oxford Brookes.

Well to cut the story short she did end up going to ALL her lectures (I can be ferocious sometimes 😉 after all I was paying and she did succeed in getting her degree.

You know what my other half told me at the time and why she decided to go to ALL her lectures? Well, they have to sit exams don’t they and the lecturers can’t get ALL the learning into their lectures. As a student you have to do a lot of your own reading and research. But what they do, do thought is make sure to cover everything that is going to be in the exams 🙂 So miss your lectures and you will miss 20% of your marks straightaway!

So, Just Show Up & Do It!

And in our business we do that in the beginning, until we learn the ropes and give it away to automation – cool eh!

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Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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