Joe Polish For Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Polish 🇵🇱 or Polish 💅🏼 However you pronounce his name Joe Polish For Your Entrepreneurial Mindset is the one to go and listen to.

He is a great Marketer. Mind you he was helped in his earlier career by the legendary Dan Kennedy.
I also ‘feel close’ to this guy because he still helps people in his old trade of Carpet Cleaning. 
Why do I feel that way you might say?
Well, my son is a carpet cleaner and we have invested in Joe Polish’s marketing packages. Which
was the reason he succeed in the industry. It was many years ago and still people use the tactics and strategies to build their carpet cleaning businesses.
Like the USB he used…
“You Will Get the Best Carpet Cleaning You Have Ever Received or its FREE”
In the 6yrs that we have been using the same, we have only ever had 1 customer say they want their money back! And I do believe they were dishonest because their carpets were like new when my son had finished.
But it is no good arguing with one customer!
It works beautifully, so long as then what you have is going to be very beneficially to that person and they receive value that is going to get them a  result.
By the way Joe now works with the best in the industry and is still a great buddy of Dan Kennedy. You can find his interviews with people likeTony Robbins and Peter Diamandis HERE!
And if you are still in the Mindset of an ’employed’ person then Joe’s interviews and his podcasts
are for you.
I’m not going to offer you anything for nothing but what I can do for you is to offer you something you shouldn’t resist!
You see, if you can’t pay for products and services how do you expect to build a business and then 
sell things for money yourself?
So, here’s the delio…..
Just to try it is 1 dollar – now if you can’t spare a dollar then there is something wrong with your Mindset and you need to listen daily to Joe’s podcasts until you do 🙂

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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