Job Description “Affiliate: Opportunity Finder That Changes Peoples Lives!”

Job Description “Affiliate: Opportunity Finder That Changes Peoples Lives!”

May 17, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

What a job description eh! “Affiliate: Opportunity Finder That Changes Peoples Lives!”

And it’s true when you find a Fiduciary Affiliate 🙂 You see that is what anyone that recommends an opportunity to you needs to aspire to. I say aspire to because it involves helping that person not just when they buy whatever you have suggested, but afterwards when you inevitably struggle.

Now not everyone when they are ‘struggling’ needs our help. Many will seem to be struggling but actually, don’t put in the necessary effort to succeed. Why do great athletes and sports people achieve medals? It is only because in their struggles they take MASSIVE action. Their coaches can let them what is needed, but unless that advice, that recommendation, that coaching is ACTED UPON, success won’t be achieved.

Nevertheless, when all these factors combine; Fiduciary Affiliate presents an appropriate opportunity; person runs with it producing massive action it leads to a changed life.

I am proud to be a Fiduciary Advisor.

I present you with opportunities that I believe are great.

When I coach you, I will tell you my opinion what is appropriate for you.

You will succeed.


Not if you are a tire-kicker; not if you want a get rish qucik scheme ( which don’t exist) and not if you are lazy! You see my time is precious, helping people achieve their goals, their dreams.

If you are not like the above types, then schedule a meeting with me here!

Here’s to you having great days!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
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Job Description “Affiliate: Opportunity Finder That Changes Peoples Lives!”


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