It’s Competition Time $1,000 KASH & $2,982 in prizes up for GRABS!

It’s Competition Time $1,000 KASH & $2,982 in prizes up for GRABS!

May 1, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Up for grabs but only if you are part of the Super Affiliate community (here’s how) and specifically went to the Immersion Event last month. I informed you about the Immersion Event in a previous blog. Sorry, you can’t enter and possibly win yourself $1,000 KASH & $2,982 in prizes up for GRABS!

However, I will let you know how you can get to be on the next one and we have these competitions regularly. I even won the last one, remember! I informed you about that too. So if you do want to enter future contests, I can give you tips and tricks on how you also can win these competitions. I got 38% of the vote last time, so I know what I am doing!It's Competition Time! $1,000 KASH & $2,982 in prizes up for GRABS! Now I didn’t go to the Immersion Event last month so how can I enter, you might ask! Well, I did go to the prestigious Intensive Event last, September. So, Misha the CEO of the Super Affiliate Network has kindly let me enter this competition, based on my attending that event.

However, do you think I should enter another competition being held at the Super Affiliate Network?

Or do you think I have an unfair advantage, having won one outright with 38% of the votes and another where I came 2nd? Do I, therefore, need to bow out? You might let me know your opinion.

Now I also said I would let you know how to enter these competitions in the future! Well, like everything else I offer you, you need to know that you need to INVEST. So you need to apply to the Super Affiliate Network here and join our community; get through the Bootcamp and create yourself a business. A business that can give you the desired lifestyle you seek. A lifestyle where you will be with a group of people who find it abhorrent to have an hourly wage sticking to a desk by 8 am or 9 am for 8hrs at least, five days a week. Where hourly salary diminishes due to the cost of living rising, even though our governments say inflation is low!

It’s a community creating lifestyles where its very usual to have a new shiny car, even paid for by the Super Affiliate Network. Where their lifestyle takes them to exotic locations; free if you win their competitions!

It’s a community that motivates you to create a lifestyle where you don’t have to think about the cost of paying for meals in the best restaurants, or buy the latest Versachi creation if that is your pleasure. Where money made online; funds children’s education in the most excellent schools.

And where the most pressing problem is not how to pay, but where to find the best people to build that new swimming pool or clean your house! Ever tried to find a fantastic cleaner and even when you pay, it is never as good as when you do it!

Look out for me asking you to vote for me in this competition! And I hope you take up this offer so you can get a chance in the next one! 
Here’s to you having great days!
Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
The Super Affiliate Network
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“It’s Competition Time
$1,000 KASH & $2,982 in prizes up for GRABS!

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