Intermingling a Lifestyle Break with Helping a Friend

Intermingling a Lifestyle Break with Helping a Friend

April 30, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1
Well, you may or may not know that I went on a five day trip to Wales last week. If you are a friend on flakebook then you will have seen a couple of photo’s I put out there of our journey and here you will find a few more. It was intermingling a Lifestyle Break with helping a friend.

Intermingling a Lifestyle Break with Helping a FriendMy other half and I had a lovely time with Tim. He’d moved out to Wales some three years ago, and we have stayed with him a couple of times before. It’s a lovely place to visit with some beautiful walks in some beautiful countryside. It’s also near the coast, so 20 minutes up the road and you’re by the sea.I’ve wanted to go off for a break for a while because although most of my work is automated or delegated, it is still nice to get away from your daily routine.


So first it was going to be either Turkey or Greece for my birthday, but my birthday came and went. Then we were supposed to be going to Guernsey, but Tim’s waiting around to go into hospital made the time and our plans pass. Being on his own, on coming out of hospital we knew he would need a little bit of help around the house and getting out and about. He still can’t drive for at least another couple of weeks. So we decided we would go and stay with him and help him along a little.

We had a lovely five days getting out and about and went to a few places where we’ve never been before. The fishing port of Cardigan was one and Aberporth was another. Here is the small village of Aberporth.

Aberporth April 2018


You might also wonder how it is possible for me and my other half to go off at the drop of a hat. Well, he being an eminent scientist and working for established universities and government institutions all his working life has got himself a reasonably good pension. And me being ‘in business’ as they say for most of my life I know how I can delegate and automate to make sure that my businesses are running no matter what I do.

So if you’d like to change your current situation for a lifestyle that is much more flexible and can take you into retirement with an income to do what you want when you want then come and try this business online. If a technically challenged grandmother can make it work, I’m sure you can.

Here’s to you having great days!
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