Shiny Objects Syndrome

I Swear Our Dog Has ‘Sniff the Object’ Syndrome!

Interesting going out on a walk with my son and his two year old German Shepherd, Max. And all you dog owners will know how it feels when you have a relationship with a dog – always your best friend etc.

But I always think Max is little crazy when we go out to the local fields and brush area!

He goes like a maniac from one place he sniffs to another. We call him and he becomes our best friend again but its not long before he’s distracted to the next evocative aroma to sniff the next object in his path.

It reminded me of the ‘shiny object syndrome’ our industry has and which I have very often succumb to. But since devouring all the knowledge from my Maui Event “LA Edition” and implemented 2/3 of the teaching so far. I am definately conquering my own shiny object addiction.

Know the book/speech by Russel Conwell about “Acres of Diamonds’? Its about an African farmer in the 1800’s making an ok living but who saw a bright shiny object – people were finding diamonds elsewhere. So he sold his farm and went off to find his fortune. To cut a long story short he never did find his riches. Tragically he even threw himself in a river and drown. But the person who bought his old farm found diamonds in the creek running through the farm he’d bought!

And I believe the key to getting away from SOS is when you’ve implemented and start getting sales with the programs you have already bought.

When you don’t make enough sales, you look around for what else you think might help you. But if you haven’t implemented to mastery what you already have you will keep rushing around like our Mad Max. Russel Conwell’s farmer didn’t get his tools out, to find what the next owner found was already there!

We have to remember that after a certain time of using the skills and tools we have that we already have what we need in our arsenal!! None of us fail! You cannot fail as a mentor of mine Ben Settle says. If you implement you will always get a result – it isn’t failure. A result even a bad one means you can improve on it.

So do you have everything you need in your arsenal to succeed? I know I have now. Because its a complete ‘package’, an eco-system and even a done for you section if you don’t want to do the hard work yourself! And my successes are getting greater!

Stop running after the shiny objects your success can find the creek here!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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